New campus sculpture pays homage to science departments

Phillips SculptureA new sculpture recently was installed outside Phillips Science Hall at UW-Eau Claire.

“The Study of Structure, Blood Cells and Magnetism,” located on the southeast side of the building, was designed by artist Susan Walsh to represent the values and activities within the science facilities of Phillips Hall. Walsh was commissioned and the sculpture was installed using Percent for Art Program funds associated with renovations to Phillips Hall that took place in 2008.

“I see all three basic components visually working together and conceptually overlapping in meaningful ways to represent the science departments,” said Walsh, a Madison native.

The open-framed inverted cone represents the study of structure in UW-Eau Claire’s newly created Materials Science Center. The spheres symbolize enlarged red blood cells representing biology, chemistry and electron microscopy. An enlarged magnet represents magnetic forces in geology, geochemistry and physics.

The Wisconsin Arts Board’s Percent for Art Program calls for two-tenths of 1 percent of the total construction costs of new state buildings or renovation projects to be designated for the commission or purchase of artwork. Only state buildings with a high degree of public access are eligible for Percent for Art funding.