Site selected for new Davies Center

09_davies_008A green space located between the current Davies Center and the Phillips Hall parking lot on the south side of lower campus is the preferred site of a new student-funded $48.8 million student center at UW-Eau Claire. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring/summer 2010, with occupancy of the building planned for late fall 2012.

In making the selection, Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich considered factors including but not limited to floodplain and sustainability issues, traffic flow, parking, proximity to student populations during the day and evening, proximity to McIntyre Library, student activities and how the project would affect future campus development.

The Davies Redevelopment Steering Committee had narrowed the site options to two locations following presentations by architects from the Philadelphia-based architectural firm Burt Hill and the Wisconsin-based firm Bray Architects. The steering committee and architects have been seeking input on the building design from student and user groups.

The project will be funded through segregated fees, which are paid by students. No tax dollars will be used in the development or operation of the new building.

The existing student center opened in 1959. A 1964 addition doubled its size, with additional expansion and updates made to the building in 1976, 1982 and 1991.