Composting program launched

sustain logo uwecNearly 2 tons of waste a week is being diverted from an Eau Claire landfill thanks to a recently established composting program at UW-Eau Claire.

In late January, UW-Eau Claire and its refuse management provider, Veolia Environmental Services, launched a full composting program at the university, making it one of the first commercial composting programs in the area, said Mark Thornton, operations manager for Blugold Dining at UW-Eau Claire.

“Our goal is to offer composting to all Blugold Dining customers and to compost at all food production stations to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills,” Thornton said. “On average, Blugold Dining is diverting nearly 2 tons from the landfill each week. While we’re satisfied, we will continue to work to increase the number of people who participate in the program.”

The composting partnership with UW-Eau Claire is an exciting new venture for Veolia, said Mark Vinall, general manager of Veolia ES Solid Waste Midwest.

“Obviously, the technology is not new,” Vinall said of food composting. “It is a natural process. But to actively plan and coordinate a project like this and see it come to fruition is a step in a new direction concerning ways of managing the waste that is generated.”