Rebecca Hofkes ’10

Rebecca Hofkes '10Rebecca Hofkes ’10, a UW-Eau Claire psychology graduate, has completed a 10-month term of service to AmeriCorps.

Hofkes began her term of service with the National Civilian Corps in October 2011 and graduated from the program in July 2012. During that time she served in four different locations around the United States, completing more than 1,700 hours of community service.

Following the completion of her term, Hofkes signed up for a new AmeriCorps program called the Federal Emergency Management Agency Corps, which gives young adults the opportunity to work directly with FEMA Corps after disasters have occurred. Hofkes served as a team leader during the assistance efforts following Superstorm Sandy.

Hofkes said her desire to help others arose during her time at UW-Eau Claire.

“With a 30-hour community service requirement, I began to look for projects that interested me outside of the classroom,” she said. “After volunteering at a few nonprofits, I recognized the passion I had for helping people directly.”

Hofkes plans to pursue a master’s degree in international service or counseling this fall.