Peter Mikulecky ’99

Peter MikuleckyPeter Mikulecky ’99 was just promoted from head of the science department to assistant director at Fusion Learning Center, a private academy for grades six through 12 and tutoring/mentoring program that serves California’s San Diego area.

Fusion’s full-time academy is geared for students with previous learning and/or behavioral issues but also caters to students with unconventional schedules (a professional surfer, for example) or students who simply do not fit well into a traditional classroom setting. All of the classes are taught one-on-one.

“I like this position because of the depth of engagement with the students as well as the variety of material I get to teach,” said Mikulecky, who teaches all of the sciences and mathematics. “At Fusion, we are encouraged to develop curricula and tailor our methods to each individual student. It’s kind of a remarkable place.”

Mikulecky, who was a biochemistry/molecular biology major at UW-Eau Claire, earned his doctoral degree in biological chemistry from Indiana University Bloomington. He also has been the lead author on three books: “Chemistry Workbook for Dummies,” “AP Biology for Dummies” and “AP Chemistry for Dummies.” He recently served as an editor for the “GRE for Dummies” book.