Mark Slaby ’86 and Maria (Schutz) Slaby ’87

mark and maria

Mark Slaby ’86 and his wife, Maria (Schutz) Slaby ’87, of Mount Dora, Fla., are entrepreneurs who relish new challenges. Maria, whose degree is in journalism, started a graphic design firm and later produced a line of greeting cards, but when the first of their four home schooled children came along, she began looking for work closer to home. Maria and Mark (his degree is in management) eventually started Mermaid Pools of Central Florida, which successfully changed the Florida Building Code to allow drain-free pool construction. This innovative concept has been integrated into the national code, which will further prevent deaths and injuries due to drain entrapment.

Maria’s latest venture, which brings her back to her journalistic roots, is the publishing of The Bunk Room, an online magazine written by and for kids. It started when her two sons spent an evening in their bunk beds creating a newsletter. Soon the whole family got involved and invited other kids to contribute. Now with 120,000 student subscribers in schools across the country, the magazine will debut a print edition in the fall of 2009. Visit