Erin Naylor ’08

Erin NaylorErin Naylor ’08 works part time for the Minnesota Reading Corps, a group of AmeriCorps members providing one-on-one literacy tutoring to children age 3 through third grade who are below proficiency in reading but do not qualify for other federal services like Title I or special education.

Naylor, who was a social work major at UW-Eau Claire, spent three winter breaks teaching Spanish literacy skills in a Guatemalan village and now works individually with a group of third-graders at an elementary school in Rochester.

“I take each one for about 15 minutes to do specific reading interventions that are aimed at helping them increase their fluency,” said Naylor, who also is taking a full load of graduate courses in social work at the University of Minnesota. “I talk a lot with my students about the importance of education and try to read interesting stories with them to encourage the fun of reading.”

According to the MRC, this year 367 members are helping more than 9,000 children in 161 Minnesota schools. Members receive a stipend and money to pay for college or student loans, and full time members receive health insurance. Next year the MRC hopes to recruit 400 more members and help 15,000 children.