Anna Nummelin ’06

Anna NummelinAnna Nummelin ’06 and her husband, Tim Buchholz, are currently part of a four-person team ranked third in the nation in adventure racing by Checkpoint Tracker, one of two U.S. organizations that rank teams on a national level. Their team, Shake-a-Leg Miami, is sponsored by a nonprofit organization of the same name that helps people with physical and developmental challenges through aquatic activities in Miami, Fla.

Nummelin, who received a bachelor of science in nursing degree from UW-Eau Claire, started competing in Wisconsin races while a student at the university, later teamed up with Buchholz, and has been racing and moving up the ranks ever since. They will compete in the United States Adventure Race National Championship this October in Texas.

Adventure racing is a multidisciplinary sport usually involving orienteering, off-road running, biking and paddling, but some races include climbing, horseback riding, inline skating and puzzle challenges. Races typically last anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks, and participants sometimes race all day and all night without sleep. Nummelin said she and Buchholz enjoy both the physical and mental challenges of adventure racing.

Now a family nurse practitioner, Nummelin began a nursing practice doctoral program this fall at the University of Miami.