Spring 2013: Alumni profiles

Larry Olson ’68

Larry Olson '68

Larry Olson ’68, a UW-Eau Claire mathematics/physics graduate, recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 44 years of service as a weapons test engineer. From 1985 on, Olson was the test director for all U.S. Navy surface ship Harpoon missile test firings. This gave him many unique experiences over the years. “I have been lifted  > Full story.

Elizabeth Willis ’83

Elizabeth Willis '83

Elizabeth Willis ’83, a UW-Eau Claire English graduate, has won several awards for poetry, including the National Poetry Series award and the Guggenheim Fellowship. “Most of what you do as a poet is pretty solitary, and you have to be able to do it for long stretches of time without much recognition,” Willis said. “So  > Full story.

Kate Gomoll ’84 and Tom Gomoll ’83

moll '84 and Tom Gomoll '83

Kate Gomoll ’84 is the president and founder of Gomoll Research & Design Inc., and her husband, Tom Gomoll ’83, leads multidisciplinary design teams at GRD. Both are UW-Eau Claire psychology graduates with technical writing minors. Kate has 20 years of experience in the area of software interface design and usability. She is known for  > Full story.

Carmen Vitton ’85

Carmen Vitton '85

Carmen Vitton ’85, a UW-Eau Claire communication sciences and disorders graduate and chief operating officer for Rehab Synergies, will add 10 new centers to her existing portfolio throughout Texas this year. Rehab Synergies is an in-house therapy provider of occupational, physical and speech-language pathology services. Vitton started the company in 2010, and since then her  > Full story.

Andy Doolen ’92

Andy Doolen '92

Andy Doolen ’92, a UW-Eau Claire English graduate, is the director of the new American Studies Center located at Shanghai University. The center was established in partnership with the University of Kentucky, where Doolen serves as an associate professor of English as well as the director of the American Studies Program. The center, which is  > Full story.

Richard MacKenzie ’93

Richard MacKenzie '93

Richard MacKenzie ’93, a UW-Eau Claire biology graduate employed at the U.S. Forest Service in Hawaii, received the Pacific Southwest Research Station’s Scientist of the Year award in 2011. MacKenzie is an aquatic ecologist currently working on several international projects assessing ecosystem function and carbon storage in mangrove forests in Vietnam, the Republic of Palau,  > Full story.

Erica (Schmaelzle) Zdroik ’01

Erica (Schmaelzle) Zdroik '01

Erica (Schmaelzle) Zdroik ’01, a UW-Eau Claire marketing graduate, has recently launched Sangria by Lovino, a new ready-to-drink bottled sangria, with the help of her husband, Jamie. The sangria, which is made in Wisconsin at an environmentally friendly winery in Algoma, is now available at more than 80 retail locations. The couple decided to go  > Full story.

Chad Wittman ’08

Chad Wittman '08

Chad Wittman ’08, a UW-Eau Claire management graduate, is the founder of EdgeRank Checker, the analytics tool used by Facebook. EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook that ranks activity in the news feed. Wittman founded the checker application to assist businesses in understanding how their Facebook page interacts with the news feed. Wittman said  > Full story.

Corey Cunningham ’09

Corey Cunningham '09

Corey Cunningham ’09, a UW-Eau Claire music graduate, is a composer and performer pursuing a master’s degree in music composition at the University of Michigan. He was a featured composer at the 2012 Electronic Music Midwest Festival and also participated in the 2012 highSCORE Contemporary Music Festival in Pavia, Italy. While at UW-Eau Claire, Cunningham  > Full story.

Rebecca Hofkes ’10

Rebecca Hofkes '10

Rebecca Hofkes ’10, a UW-Eau Claire psychology graduate, has completed a 10-month term of service to AmeriCorps. Hofkes began her term of service with the National Civilian Corps in October 2011 and graduated from the program in July 2012. During that time she served in four different locations around the United States, completing more than  > Full story.