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Mentor Project Steps and Support Page

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Service-Learning Project Steps to Completion for Faculty Mentors:

Any member of the faculty/academic staff can serve as a service-learning faculty mentor.

2) Students are responsible for contacting and asking a member of the faculty/academic staff to serve as their faculty mentor.

3) Faculty Mentor Responsibilities:
        ·To assist a student in deciding on a service-learning project
        ·To agree upon a reflection activity
        ·To give online approval to the student's service-learning project
        ·To maintain communication with the student during the project
        ·To give online confirmation that the student has completed the designated hours and reflection activity

4) Online Approval:
a. Once the student has submitted the online project application and it has been approved by the Service-Learning administrator, a faculty mentor will receive an email asking them to verify their participation in helping the student fulfill their service-learning hours.
b. To verify participation:
i.   Go to 
ii.  Click on "Log In" on the left side under "Service-Learning Online System"
        iii. Log in using your UWEC user and password
iv. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find student projects awaiting Mentor approval
v.  Click on "Mark Mentor Approved"

5) Online Completion:
a. An email will be sent reminding you that a student's project is nearing completion
b. If the student has failed to meet the requirements, follow the steps below, and click on "Unsuccessful"
c. Meet with the student to conduct the reflection component
d. Review the online evaluation given by the community supervisor
e. Once the hours and the reflection activity has been completed follow these steps:
i.   Go to
ii.  Click on "Log In" on the left side under "Service-Learning Online System"
iii. Log In using your UWEC username and password
iv. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Student Projects 
v.  Click on "Details" next to the Student's Project
vi. If the student has successfully met the requirement, click on "Complete" -- an email will be sent to the student verifying completion.

If you have any questions, please visit or contact the Center for Service-Learning at