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 Center for Service-Learning 

Service-Learning is a method that promotes student learning and development through participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences. They offer students opportunities to apply their education in service to the community, which enhances their appreciation, understanding, and respect for others. At the UW-Eau Claire, service-learning activities may be incorporated into courses or they may be stand-alone co- or extra-curricular projects.

"Without this service-learning experience, I feel like I could have possibly made the wrong choice for a major/minor combination."
- Jess, Sociology major

Hands & Soup

As a student at UW-Eau Claire, you are required to complete at least 30 clock-hours of approved service-learning to promote your learning experience and development through participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences.  Satisfying this requirement can be done through one 30 clock-hour project or two 15 clock-hour projects.  For more detailed information, consult the Guidebook or visit our FAQ section.


Managing Project(s)

Students, faculty, and community partners have the ability to manage and track their service-learning projects through our online system.  The online system allows you to easily see what actions need to be taken to fulfill the service-learning graduation requirement for UW-Eau Claire.   Students who are unable to find the community supervisor they have chosen to work with should contact the Center for Service-Learning with the community supervisor's contact information so an account can be created for them.  If you have any question or experience any issues, please contact or visit the Center for Service-Learning.

"Service-learning was a fun and necessary requirement!  I wish there had been a program like this set up in my high school."
- Erin, Psychology major

The News and Events section contains a wide variety of materials about local service-learning activities and how you can get involved.  News stories, including both local and national stories, relating to service-learning are often posted in the news section.  Visit often to learn about the exciting things taking place in the Center for Service-Learning!

Students looking for more service-learning material including scholarships and grants are invited to check out the Resources section on our website.