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Pit 5

501A Finchford Loamy Sand???

There is no pit 5.

It has been misplaced and cannot seem to be located.

When the mysterious and elusive Group 5 is found, they will describe this pit and submit their findings to Dr. Garry Leonard Running IV. 

Until that time, pit 5 is officially declared missing


If you see pit 5 or the hypothetical Group 5 (whose members are unknown at this time), please report them to the Geog 350 Soils class immediately.


Have you seen this pit???

Missing: The Pit 5 Soil Profile



When pit 5 is found, a formal summary on its soil profile will be made.  Until then, we can only speculate about the soil series this pit may belong to.  It has not been established or verified where the confusion with Group 5 and their pit first took place, but the matter continues to be researched.  But sources predict that once the Geography 350 Soil class and their professor can learn to count (eight groups = pits numbered 1 - 8, not eight groups = pits numbered 1 - 4 and 5 - 9) , than this incident will not occur in the future.

Contributed by Group 5: ???