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Honors 104
The Narrative Imagination
Jane Eyre's Literary Daughters


Volume/Chapter Structure in Jane Eyre



Main Action

Vol. I
1 Gateshead Jane and Beewick's Birds / the attack of John Reed
2 Gateshead The Red Room
3 Gateshead Dr. Lloyd's visit
4 Gateshead Mr. Brocklehurst / Jane's rebellion against Aunt Reed
5 Lowood Journey & arrival / Jane's first day at Lowood
6 Lowood The lesson of Helen Burns
7 Lowood Mr. Brocklehurst / Jane presented to the school for ridicule
8 Lowood same day / Miss Temple's goodness
9 Lowood Typhus / Helen Burns dies in Jane's arms
10 Lowood summary acceleration [8 yrs.] / Jane leaves Lowood
11 Thornfield Arrival / the battlements & "Grace Poole"
12 Thornfield The Battlements and Jane's yearning / Rochester comes home
13 Thornfield 1st interview with Rochester / Jane's paintings
14 Thornfield 2nd interview with Rochester / "Do you think me handsome?"
15 Thornfield 3rd interview with Rochester / Céline Varens / The Burning Bed
Vol. II
1/16 Thornfield Rochester gone / interview with Grace Poole
2/17 Thornfield Rochester returns / Blanche Ingram / Jane in love / "Governesses"
3/18 Thornfield Charades / Richard Mason / Fortune Telling
4/19 Thornfield Jane & the "Gypsy"
5/20 Thornfield Richard Mason attacked on the third floor / Jane tends his wounds
6/21 Gateshead Return for Aunt Reed's death / Jane gains an uncle
7/22 Thornfield Return to Rochester / Jane insists she must leave his service
8/23 Thornfield Proposal in the garden / the blasted chestnut
9/24 Thornfield Post-proposal shopping / Jane rejects Rochester's gifts
10/25 Thornfield Jane's dreams / Jane's night visitor
11/26 Thornfield The "wedding" to Rochester / discovery of Bertha Mason
Vol. III
1/27 Thornfield Rochester's explanation [his story] / parting & flight
2/28 Moors Wandering / discovery of the Rivers / "Jane Elliott"
3/29 Moor House Recovery with the Rivers
4/30 Moor House Utopia / Death of "Uncle John"
5/31 Morton School Jane as schoolmistress
6/32 Morton School Rosamond Oliver & St. John Rivers
7/33 Morton School Revelation of Jane's past and legacy
8/34 Moor House Family reunion / St. John's 1st proposal
9/35 Moor House 2nd & 3rd proposals / negotiation / voices
10/36 Thornfield Return to the ruins / the story of the fire
11/37 Ferndean Reunion with Rochester
12/38 Ferndean Epilogue / Time of the narrating

Images to Follow in Jane Eyre

The way we make sense of a text (regardless of critical approach) is through the tracing of repeated images or themes, and whether they change during the course of the text. Jane Eyre is no exception to this rule--in fact, Brontë's novel is probably one of the richest tapestries of significant imagery and thematic elements in all British fiction. The following is a partial list of images and themes to be alert to in Jane Eyre, but also in the other "Jane Eyre novels" we will read (if you find others, please let me know).

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