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Students purchase duplex printers for residence halls and library

RELEASED: Oct. 5, 2011

Housing Sustainability

EAU CLAIRE — Students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will save paper and electricity thanks to the purchase of 21 duplex printers for residence halls and McIntyre Library.

The printers, which allow the automatic printing of paper on both sides, were purchased with grant dollars provided by the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate's Student Office of Sustainability.

The SOS sought student proposals for environmentally sustainable initiatives. Among the projects selected for funding were the $12,380 Housing and Residence Life proposal developed by Matthew Sias, a senior information systems major from Hudson, and the $21,394 library proposal written by Catherine Emmanuelle, a senior women's studies major from Eau Claire.

Sias' project funded the purchase of five new printers, 11 duplex units (one for each residence hall lab printer) and warranties on the equipment. Installation labor, signage, documentation and upkeep costs are being funded by Housing and Residence Life.

Emmanuelle's grant paid for 10 duplex printers for McIntyre Library. The Learning and Technology Services department purchased an additional five duplex printers, thereby converting the library and general access labs to 100 percent duplex printing. The printers for Housing and Residence Life and library projects were installed this summer.

Sias, who is a lead student technician at the ResCom Help Desk, knew students wanted duplex printing.

"Duplex printing helps students save money since one sheet of paper can be used for twice the content," Sias said. "The Residence Hall Association had created signs that showed students how to manually feed paper into the printer to print on both sides, which helped, but few students had the time to do this, especially for multi-page documents."

Sias noted in his proposal that the number of pages printed in the labs on campus has increased every semester for years and duplex printing was one way to reduce the amount of paper being used.

"Installing automatic duplexers will cut paper consumption nearly in half," Sias said. "If the increased printing trend continues, I knew duplex printing would be the only viable way to cut down paper consumption in the immediate future."

Sais collaborated with Kevin LaVoy, technical support specialist for Housing and Residence Life, to develop his proposal. Emmanuelle worked with John Pollitz, director of McIntyre Library, and Greg Rineck from Learning and Technology Services, on her proposal.

"As a nontraditional student and fervent penny pincher, I saw so much paper being wasted in the computer labs," said Emmanuelle. "My training as a student in women's studies and economics equipped me to see that we can use policy to improve communities. When I heard about the opportunity to submit proposals to the Student Senate, I jumped at the chance. I knew the Student Senate funds for this project were allocated from the segregated fee paid by all students so I saw this as a chance for me to help students on campus really make a positive environmental and economic difference."

In addition to saving paper, the printers also are energy efficient and use less power to operate.

For more information about the duplex printers or sustainability initiatives in Housing in Residence Life at UW-Eau Claire, contact Kate Hartsel, housing sustainability coordinator, at 715-836-2505 or



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