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BFA candidates exhibit portfolios May 6-15

RELEASED: May 3, 2011

EAU CLAIRE — The Foster Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will host the Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidates Senior Show May 6-15. Nine students who are candidates for bachelor of fine arts degrees will display their work. A public reception will be held from 1-3 p.m. May 14 in the gallery.

Brittany Acker, Kasson, Minn., will exhibit graphic design pieces. Acker, who said she has been influenced by the Swiss style, describes her art as clean, concise and minimal.

Christine Jo Alexander, East Troy, whose work is based around storytelling, will exhibit illustrations and illustrated handmade books

"Nostalgia and a sense of preciousness are central to my work," Alexander said.

Michelle Chrzanowski, Tomah, will exhibit a series of handmade fanzines, an installation with a life-sized creature and a handmade shelter. Chrzanowski, who said she's been influenced by Misaki Kawai and Souther Salazar, said she approached this work with a do-it-yourself aesthetic that emphasizes uninhibited childhood creativity.

"I have been very interested in 'play' and bringing to life further these bright creatures I draw," she said.

Pung Her, Lake Elmo, Minn., will exhibit print and digital graphic design and said that her role as a graphic designer is to enhance communication.

"I find joy in turning a complicated idea or message into simple, energizing visual solutions," she said.

Renae King, Rochester, Minn., will exhibit graphic design work. This will include printed material, along with electronic media designs. King said that as a graphic designer she makes communication a priority and uses creative means to do so.

"My work is clean and designed with a purpose," she added. "I view myself as a visual communicator between the content needing to be expressed and the audience who will visually take in that content."

Rachel Konsella, Eau Claire, will exhibit photography that deals with social issues and identity.

"I want people to think in a different way than what they're used to," Konsella said.

Matt Ludvigson, De Pere, will exhibit graphic design work that includes printed items from inkjet printers. Ludvigson said that forming visual solutions to conceptual problems is the driving force of his work.

"I strive to create designs that are capable of speaking for themselves," Ludvigson said.

Kyle Pherson, Cumberland, will exhibit 3-D works, mixed media and light projection onto various materials.

"I seek to appropriate disparate images of popular culture through the use of systematic fragmentation to force a comparison in order to produce a new awareness," Pherson said.

Lee Wegener, Hartland, will exhibit still and moving images, along with sound. Wegener said that as he approached his work he questioned the role of the artist, as well as originality.

"I developed these sets of rules, or algorithms, to follow in an attempt to remove myself from the work," Wegener said. "However, I found that I wasn't able to allow the algorithms to control the outcome completely."

Foster Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays, 6-8 p.m. Thursdays and 1-4:30 p.m. weekends. For more information about gallery exhibits, contact Foster Gallery director Tom Wagener at 715-836-2328.



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