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Student completes internship with Department
of Homeland Security

RELEASED: Oct. 7, 2010

Mark Bauer

EAU CLAIRE — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire senior Mark Bauer spent 10 weeks at an internship for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a rare opportunity granted to him based in part on his undergraduate research experience.

"I was a little surprised but excited to hear that I got it," Bauer said. "It was a great opportunity."

A mathematics and business finance major from Spencer, Bauer worked with researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., on a project related to system modeling and analysis. His main task was to use a complex adaptive system and mathematics to model basic infrastructures.

The work was done through the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center, a modeling, simulation and analysis program incorporated into the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and part of the Department of Homeland Security since 2003. Congress mandated that NISAC serve as "a source of national expertise to address critical infrastructure protection research and analysis," according to NISAC's website.

The center prepares and shares analyses of critical infrastructure and key resources, including their interdependencies, vulnerabilities, consequences and other complexities.

Dr. Simei Tong, associate professor of mathematics at UW-Eau Claire, has worked closely with Bauer on multiple research projects, including the formulation of evacuation plans for businesses and hospitals. Tong said Bauer is an exceptional student who likes to be challenged.

"This is a very significant accomplishment for one of our students," Tong said of the summer internship. "Typically, students from universities like MIT get these kinds of positions. Mark's accomplishment is remarkable. We are very proud of our student, who works so hard and has big dreams in his life."

Bauer believes his experience will impact much of what he does down the road. Although the Department of Homeland Security does not offer exactly what he is looking for, the organization does have positions Bauer could potentially be interested in.

"It gave me an insight to what a national lab is like," said Bauer. "It gave me another career prospective and opportunity, which is nice to have. It also gave me more analytical skills as well as an opportunity to develop my presentation skills.

"The whole internship was very intellectually stimulating work."

Bauer will graduate from UW-Eau Claire in May 2011. He plans to attend graduate school for financial mathematics and would eventually like to teach at the university level or work in the financial industry.

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