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Juett tasked with integrating campus technology, curriculum

RELEASED: Nov. 1, 2010

JoAnne Juett photo
Dr. JoAnne Juett

EAU CLAIRE — Dr. JoAnne Juett, assistant professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, has been named the university's Academic Affairs Educational Technology Fellow. In this two-year appointment, Juett will work with administration, students, University Senate, academic departments and units across campus to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for integrating technology into curriculum development and teaching practices.

The goal of the appointment is to make more course work available online, to offer more hybrid courses — a combination of online learning and face-to-face classroom time — and to streamline technology-based resources for seamless integration of new curricula.

Juett projects that employing different kinds of technology in UW-Eau Claire curriculum has the potential to result in a more diverse student body, more research, professional development and better international learning experiences.

"It's important to note that we are doing this now with some of our full-fledged degree programs having a vast majority of course work available online," Juett said. "We have an outstanding program in the College of Business, for example. This is an existing model for what we want the rest of the campus to look like."

According to Juett, UW-Eau Claire will become a more attractive campus for the flexibility with which courses can be delivered using technology.

"Recent research shows that a combination of online and hybrid courses are the most effective pedagogical models," Juett said. "We also know that a distributed learning model contributes to four-year graduation rates. There is better and more flexible learning going on and we can overcome the bottleneck that can happen with lengthier course registration waits by using hybrid courses.

"We need to do this for our students."

Hybrid courses allow students to receive materials online that they can work through outside of scheduled classroom times to be better prepared for and get more out of in-class collaboration and discussions. They also free up room in student schedules; for example, a student might be able to take a four-hour lab and another four-hour course in the same semester, Juett explained. The hybrid model allows some course work to overlap so the student doesn't have to wait another semester to fit in one of the courses.

"It's not just putting technology in the classroom, making course work available online or making student and faculty schedules more convenient. There is a broader plan to synthesize our technology with curriculum for the 21st-century learner," Juett said, noting that approximately 87 percent of students arrive on campus with laptops and nearly 100 percent are using some kind of mobile technology.

"A good deal of technology today is already in our students' backpacks," said Juett. "We need to capitalize on their abilities and their desire to receive information in many different ways."

Juett will work with faculty to design and implement professional development opportunities for online/hybrid instruction and an assessment plan for all online/hybrid experiences. She will also collaborate with others to identify emerging technologies to supplement both online/hybrid experiences and traditional classroom delivery experiences, and to ensure the university meets international standards for technology in the K-20 classroom.

"I'm excited to be involved with this," Juett said, acknowledging that there will be a steep learning curve for some when it comes to technology. "We need to find out what works best for our campus."

Juett said that successful implementation of an educational technology strategic plan will be a key component in the achievement of the chancellor's vision for UW-Eau Claire to become the premier undergraduate learning community in the upper Midwest. Juett expects the shift of technology to be at exactly the right time to meet the needs of the students.

"We're going to see students who want the best, not just in terms of traditional classroom practices, but in integrated technology practices as well."

Juett will continue to serve in her position as assistant professor of English on a 25 percent basis.

For more information, contact Dr. JoAnne Juett at 715-836-2616 or



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