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Participation Triples in UW-Eau Claire
Exchange Program with Chinese Universities

RELEASED: Aug. 24, 2009

China 1+2+1 students with chancellor
Students from China attending UW-Eau Claire this year through the China 1+2+1 exchange program were photographed with Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich. Pictured are (front row, from left) An Wenjuan, Xie Yuchen, Xun Qi, Yang Yan; (middle row, from left) Levin-Stankevich, Ji Wenchu, Liu Lin, Chen Site, Chen Yunru; and (back row, from left) Zhang Xunyan, Xie Tian, Cao Junbin and Yang Hui. (UW-Eau Claire photo by Bill Hoepner)
China 1+2+1 students and chancellor
UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich visited with the new Chinese students attending UW-Eau Claire for the 2009-10 academic year as participants in the China 1+2+1 exchange program. (UW-Eau Claire photo by Bill Hoepner)

EAU CLAIRE — In its second year at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, enrollment in the international exchange program China 1+2+1 has increased threefold.

In 2007, UW-Eau Claire was accepted into China 1+2+1, a program that allows students from China to earn dual degrees from UW-Eau Claire and their home institution in China. Last year, four students participated in the program. This year, 12 students from eight Chinese universities arrived on campus Aug. 15.

"This increase is in keeping with our original goals for the program," said Karl Markgraf, director of international education at UW-Eau Claire. "We intended to keep the program small in the first year and increase this year."

To achieve this increase, the program was opened to all majors this year, rather than the few that were available in the first year. Also, new recruitment tools were developed, including a Chinese-language promotional video that can be viewed on UW-Eau Claire's YouTube channel.

Students enrolled in the China 1+2+1 Partnership Program — facilitated through the China Center for International Educational Exchange and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities — spend a year at a Chinese university, study at UW-Eau Claire for two years and return to the institution in China for their final year. After completing all program requirements at both institutions, students will receive degrees from both UW-Eau Claire and the institution in China.

"It's a wonderful program that brings American and Chinese universities together to help Chinese students better access higher education in the United States," Markgraf said.

Students attending UW-Eau Claire beginning this fall through the China 1+2+1 program, as well as their Chinese universities and areas of study, are as follows: Cao Junbin, Hefei University of Technology, physics; Liu Lin, Hefei University of Technology, finance; Sun Qui and Ji Wenchu, Hainan University, finance; Chen Yunru, Hainan University, accounting;. Xie Tian, Kunming University of Science and Technology, chemistry; Xie Yuchen, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, accounting; Chen Site, Henan University of Technology, accounting; Yang Yan, Ningbo University of Technology, accounting; Yang Hui, Ningbo University of Technology, information systems; Zhang Xunyang, Nanyang Normal University, communication and journalism; and An WenJuan, Long Dong University, finance.

In addition to the 12 students, two professors from China 1+2+1 partner universities will visit UW-Eau Claire to pursue their own research goals. The department of computer science will host XiaoYing Wang from Changshu Institute of Technology, and the accounting department will host Changhui Yang from Hefei Institute of Technology.

For more information, contact UW-Eau Claire's Center for International Education at



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