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Nicholas Halter is 10th Devroy Fellowship Recipient

RELEASED: May 7, 2007

Nick Halter speaking at Devroy Forum
Nicholas Halter, recipient of the 2007 Ann Devroy Fellowship, spoke during the 10th annual Ann Devroy Memorial Forum April 26 at UW-Eau Claire. Seated behind Halter is Bob Kaiser of the Washinton Post, the evening's featured speaker along with the Post's Bob Woodward, who appeared via video hookup. (UW-Eau Claire photo by Bill Hoepner)

EAU CLAIRE — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire senior Nicholas Halter, a native of St. Paul, Minn., will spend his next winter break in Washington, D.C., working at The Washington Post.

"I'm really excited for my fellowship at The Washington Post," Halter said. "It still hasn't quite set in yet, but I can't believe that I'll be working at such an amazing publication."

Halter is the 10th recipient of the Ann Devroy Fellowship, presented to a UW-Eau Claire journalism student who shows exceptional promise and ability.

The Fellowship includes a three-week residency at The Washington Post, a $1,400 scholarship to defray the costs of the residency and an internship at a Wisconsin newspaper in the summer of 2008.

Ann Devroy, a 1970 UW-Eau Claire graduate was The Washington Post's top White House reporter. Devroy, who joined the Post in 1985, died in 1997 at the age of 49. Family, friends and colleagues honored her by establishing a scholarship in her name at UW-Eau Claire through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

"When I found out I won the award, I did more research about Ann and her life as a journalist. The things she did were remarkable," Halter said. "I said it in my speech, and I still believe it's true. There is no one this university should be more proud of than Ann Devroy."

Halter was introduced as this year's recipient during the celebration of the 10th annual Ann Devroy Memorial Forum April 26, which included a presentation by Washington Post editors Bob Kaiser and Bob Woodward. Kaiser, a close friend and colleague of Devroy's, appeared in person and spoke at a dinner preceding the forum, along with Devroy's widower, Mark Matthews, another respected journalist. For the Forum in Zorn Arena, Woodward joined Kaiser on the stage via video hook-up. In honor of the occasion, eight of the nine past Devroy fellows, all of whom are still working in the field of journalism, attended the dinner and forum.

"I am truly honored to get this award and follow in the footsteps of the other fellows. I talked to many of the previous winners at the forum, and I was amazed at the fact that they were all still in journalism and were doing really well," Halter said. "One guy is at The Onion, another is at the Star Tribune and most are working at large daily newspapers. So I feel like I'm in good company, and I hope the same future holds true for me."

Since January, Halter has served as the sports editor for The Spectator, UW-Eau Claire's student newspaper. He was chief copy editor from September through December 2006.

However, this summer Halter will take up his usual, though rather unusual, summer employment. He is a licensed riverboat captain who pilots a paddle boat on the Mississippi River.

"Nick follows in the wake of his father as well as another great journalist/river pilot, Samuel Clemens," said Mike Dorsher, assistant professor of communication and journalism and adviser to The Spectator. "Mark Twain may not have been a Blugold, but Halter couldn't have a much better role model."

After graduation, Halter will complete his Devroy Award with an internship at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He hopes to get a job as a reporter at a newspaper or magazine. He said he also was excited about the opportunity to work at the Journal Sentinel.

"Both of these opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime and I plan to make the most of them," said Halter. "I'm really grateful for all the people who made this award possible."

Halter wrote in his Devroy application that he would like to work his way to being an editor or columnist as he gains experience in the field of journalism.



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