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Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival
to Screen 41 Films April 13-22

RELEASED: March 23, 2007

Progressive Film Festival logoEAU CLAIRE — The second annual Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival will run Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 22, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

This year's festival will feature 37 sessions and 41 films at the largest and longest-lasting, independent, non-profit, progressive film festival currently running in any small city throughout the world.

"You won't find this kind of festival in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, or Toronto," said Bob Nowlan, associate professor of English and Eau Claire Progressive Film Festival executive director. "And you won't find it in Rochester, Duluth, Green Bay, Racine, Stevens Point, Appleton, Waukesha, or La Crosse either."

Major focuses of this year's festival will include issues of war and peace, gender and sexual freedom, ecological sustainability, progressive activist forms of independent alternative popular music, civil liberties and human rights under fire, destructive consequences and dangerous recurrences of fascism and proto-fascism both past and present, and ongoing popular insurrectionary struggles against economic, political, and cultural imperialism.

Organizers of this non-profit, independent, community-based film festival state that their goal is to raise awareness and spur activism in relation to a wide range of issues of significant social and political concern by showing a variety of progressive films and also to associate the festival with the ongoing development of a strong progressive presence in the West-Central Wisconsin region. Each film will be followed by a facilitated discussion, providing opportunities for audience members to become more actively involved in organizations and campaigns focused on the featured topics. And at a number of sessions, guests featured in or responsible for making these films will join the organizers to discuss — and offer additional performances of their work. There is no admission charge and all are welcome.

Eighteen UW-Eau Claire undergraduate and graduate students work with Nowlan to organize and conduct the festival, including the 2007 festival director John Nicksic, a senior communications and journalism major and film studies minor from Camp Douglas. Most of the students are enrolled in a special directed studies course: English 395, "Progressive Film Festival." Other student organizers include graduate student Lisa Cooper-Murphy, Balsam Lake; seniors Katie Barker, Little Chute, Jeremy Behreandt, Butternut, James Boland, Brookfield, Bill Verthein, Brookfield, Sarah Janes, Franksville, Katie Miles, Couderay, and Tracy Phillippi; Wautoma; juniors Maria Boland, St. Paul, Minn., Katie Nichols, Pembine, and Joe Pichotta, Lino Lakes, Minn.; sophomores Rick Slembarski, Mosinee, and Ted Waldbillig, Verona; and freshmen Victor Smith, Eau Claire, and Matt Troge, Black Earth.

The Film Festival is a project of the Progressive Media Network, a community organization that works actively to advance the goals of human emancipation, collective equality, social justice, ecological sustainability, and a peaceful world. The 10 days of films will be preceded by 10 days of progressive education and action showcasing local progressive talent. These events also will be held on the UW-Eau Claire campus.

For additional information, including a thorough description of each film, please visit their Web site. Following is the film festival schedule. All screenings are in Hibbard Humanities Hall unless otherwise noted.

Friday, April 13

6 p.m. - Room 100 - "Why We Fight"; Room 103 - "This Land is Your Land"

9 p.m. - Room 103 - "The World According to Shorts"; Room 100 - "War is $ell"

Saturday, April 14

2 p.m. - Room 100 - "Manderlay"

5 p.m. - Room 100 - "Strange Fruit"

8 p.m. - Room 100 - Doing Time: Life inside the Big House

Sunday, April 15

2 p.m. - Room 100 - "The God Who Wasnt There"

5 p.m. - Room 100 - "The Cult of the Suicide Bomber"

8 p.m. - Room 100 - "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Monday, April 16

6 p.m. - Room 203 - "The Hour of the Furnaces" (Part I); Room 100 - "Laramie Inside Out"

9 p.m. - Room 203 - "The Hour of the Furnaces"(Parts II & III); Room 100 - "Daddy and Papa"

Tuesday, April 17

6 p.m. - Room 103 - "Domestic Violence I"; Room 100 - "Zero Degrees of Separation"

9 p.m. - Room 100 - "Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin"; Room 103 - "The ACLU Freedom Files: Drug Wars/Religious Freedom"

Wednesday, April 18

6 p.m. - Room 100 - "The Forsaken Land"; Room 103 - "Domestic Violence II"

9 p.m. - Room 103 - "The ACLU Freedom Files: Racial Profiling/Beyond the Patriot Act"; Room 100 - "Darwin's Nightmare"

Thursday, April 19

6 p.m. - Room 101 - "The ACLU Freedom Files: Dissent/Youth Speak"; Room 100 - "What is Indie?"

9 p.m. - Room 101 - "The ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights/Gay & Lesbian Rights"; Room 100 - "Before the Music Dies"

Friday, April 20

6 p.m. - Room 101 - "The ACLU Freedom Files: The Supreme Court/Voting Rights"; Room 100 - "I Know I'm Not Alone"

9 p.m. - Room 100 - "Pick Up the Mic"

Saturday, April 21

2 p.m. - Room 100 - "The Gleiwitz Case"

5 p.m. - Room 100 - "The Murderers Are Among Us"

8 p.m. - Room 100 - "Your Unknown Brother"

Sunday, April 22

2 p.m. - Room 100 - "Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation"

5 p.m. - Room 101 - "DAM/AGE"; Room 100 - "Aloha Quest" (Part I & II)

8 p.m. - Room 100 - "Kaho'olawe Aloha 'Aina"; Room 101 - "Fight Back, Fight AIDS: Fifteen Years of ACT UP"

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Nowlan at 715-836-4369 or



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