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UW-Eau Claire Grads Find
Strong Job Market

RELEASED: July 12, 2006

EAU CLAIRE — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire graduates are finding jobs, and many of those jobs are in Wisconsin, according to the university's latest Career Services survey.

Ninety-eight percent of the 2004-05 UW-Eau Claire graduates responding to the survey are employed or continuing their education, said Jeanne Skoug, director of Career Services.

"Various reports show that across the country graduates are facing the best job market since 2001," said Skoug. "We also have a vigorous job market in the Chippewa Valley."

Fifty-nine percent of the graduates included in the survey are working for businesses and organizations in Wisconsin, Skoug said, noting that 27 percent are working in the Chippewa Valley.

"Ten years ago only 10 percent of our graduates found employment in the Chippewa Valley," Skoug said. "Local businesses and communities are benefiting from our graduates' talent, energy and knowledge."

Sixty-seven percent or 1,240 of the 1,847 graduates responded to the survey, which was collected through April 2006, using self-report instruments. Eighty-four percent reported they were employed full or part-time. Fourteen percent reported they were continuing their education. Less than 3 percent reported they were seeking employment.

"The outstanding reputation of our graduates attracts employers," Skoug said. "Employers value strong communication skills, initiative and interpersonal skills. According to our survey, these are the same qualities our graduates believe are important as they begin their careers. So they're a perfect match."

Members of the 2004-05 class are employed in diverse fields and have job titles such as nurse, financial analyst, auditor, programmer, research technologist, teacher, admissions adviser, GIS mapping analyst, geologist and military police. Education graduates teach in more than 100 school districts; nursing graduates work in more than 50 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and schools.

Those continuing their education attend more than 50 colleges and universities, among them Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, UW-Madison Medical School, Mayo Foundation and others.

"We encourage students to prepare themselves for the job market by learning strategies such as self-assessment and career exploration and through internship experiences, which enhance their professional and career development," Skoug said. "The more prepared they are, the better the results."

In the College of Arts and Sciences, 525 of 825 graduates responded to the Career Services Survey. Of the respondents, 370 were employed full time, 24 were employed part time, 111 were continuing their education, and 16 were seeking employment.

In the College of Business, 376 of the 479 graduates responded to the survey. Of the respondents, 281 were employed full time, four part time, 10 were continuing their education, and seven were seeking employment.

In the College of Education and Human Sciences, 303 of the 408 graduates responded to the survey. Of the respondents, 214 were employed full time, 30 were employed part time, and 51 were continuing their education.

In the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, 109 of the 135 graduates responded to the survey. Of the respondents, 104 were employed full time, three were employed part time and one was continuing their education.

In addition to on-campus interviews and internship programs, employers recruit UW-Eau Claire graduates and students as employees or interns through an online recruiting system. For more information, call Career Services at (715) 836-5359.



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