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UW-Eau Claire Campus History Exhibit
To Run Through October

MAILED: Oct. 8, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  In a time when our society is confronted with the possibility of war on a daily basis, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire takes a look back at past students who were faced with the same fear, and how it affected the UW-Eau Claire campus.
         Throughout October, the grand corridor of the McIntyre Library will feature an exhibit titled “Our Campus During Wartime, 1916-1991” to stimulate interest in the history of the campus.
         The exhibit will feature artifacts such as Spectator headlines from wartime; yearbooks of students, faculty and staff who were called off to war; and books, photographs and ration books from UW-Eau Claire during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.
         The yearbooks displayed in the exhibit range from student yearbooks with dedications to fallen soldiers from campus and messages about the war, to a professor’s yearbook that was sent to him while he was fighting in WWI.
         This is “not a history of war,” assistant professor Heather Muir said, “but a history of how our campus was involved and how students and faculty reacted.”
         As well as artifacts, the exhibit also includes official records from campus, such as “correspondence with the chancellor about establishing an ROTC unit on campus,” Muir said.
         The exhibit is to help celebrate Archives Week in Wisconsin and is part of this year’s theme, “Wisconsin in Wartime.”
         The exhibit will be on display Oct. 1-31 and is open for viewing during regular library hours.

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