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McIntyre Library Welcomes
Public Interested in Research 

MAILED: July 15, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  Since the September 11th attacks, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's McIntyre Library has been responding to requests for more information on subjects such as terrorism, Islam and the Taliban.
         mmediately after the attacks there was an increase in the number of students and faculty requesting information, said Jill Markgraf, distance education and reference librarian. Since then university librarians have been ordering more books and audio-visuals on topics pertaining to terrorism, Islam and Middle East issues.
         Markgraf and Leslie Foster, government publications librarian, agree that while their primary purpose is to support the curriculum and respond to campus information needs, the UW-Eau Claire library is also a community resource.
         "Librarians are happy to provide information, research assistance and/or library instruction to anyone who comes to the Reference desk," Foster said.
         Wisconsin residents 18 and over who wish to check out library materials can purchase an off-campus library user card at the circulation desk with presentation of a picture ID and a payment of $10. High school honor students qualify for a renewable, no-fee current semester user card.
         "Libraries have a long and admirable tradition of cooperation, and I think many people would be surprised at the level of collaboration and communication that goes on between their university and public libraries," Markgraf said. "We are happy to help community members in any way we can."
         The library has online tools to help people narrow down their search for materials. Like the university's on-line catalog, the following sites are available to the public, but some contain links to databases that you must be a subscriber to use. Community members can access the databases that UW-Eau Claire subscribes to by coming to McIntyre Library and signing onto one of its computers as a UW-Eau Claire guest user.
         Build-a-Guide is a collection of online guides offering research advice on a variety of topics. It also offers suggestions for finding out how to begin researching a topic such as "Islam" and where to find basic or background information. Users can find out which subject headings to use in searching the online catalog, which databases to search for journal articles, and which Web sites librarians have identified as good, reliable sources of information.
         The Online Reference Shelf finds background, factual, statistical and biographical information. Online encyclopedias provide brief explanations and overviews of topics such as "terrorism." Biography resources offer brief information on people such as Osama Bin Laden. Under Almanacs, Fact Books and Manuals is the "CIA World Factbook," a collection of country profiles and maps.
         Core & More is a similar resource that organizes resources by broad discipline rather than a specific topic. A researcher interested in the role of women in Islamic cultures, for example, can also look under Women's Studies. Librarians and UW-Eau Claire faculty suggest background information and Web sites.
         UW-Eau Claire subscribes to many newspaper databases, but Wisconsin citizens also have off-campus access to magazine and newspaper articles databases through Badgerlink at, a service funded by the Department of Public Instruction that contains some, but not all, of the databases that UW-Eau Claire subscribes to.
         Documents in the News is an example of one of the many government Web sites available to the public. It includes recent reports and research issued by federal, state, or international government or agencies of special interest to the public.
         If the McIntyre Library does not have the materials a person is looking for, access is still possible. For UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff, the library provides an interlibrary loan service through which books, periodical articles and other materials can be obtained from other libraries. Most public libraries offer a similar service for community members.
         "Our response to September 11th has been no different than our response to other needs on campus," Foster said. "We are receptive to requests for additional library materials; we try to make it easy."

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