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Board of Regents Set Student
Costs for 2002-03 

MAILED: July 8, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  Tuition will increase $112 per semester for University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire resident undergraduate students for the 2002-03 academic year, according to a plan approved by the UW System Board of Regents Monday.
         The Regents set tuition rates Monday even though the state Legislature has not yet approved a state budget reform bill.
         "Even with the $112 per semester tuition increase, UW-Eau Claire continues to be very affordable for students in Wisconsin and Minnesota," UW-Eau Claire Chancellor Donald Mash said, adding that System-wide tuition continues to be well below peer institutions. "I'm hopeful that our students will find a way to pay the additional costs to continue their education."
         Required tuition and fees at UW-Eau Claire for the fall semester will be $1,861.10 for a resident undergraduate, compared to $1,735.85 for 2001-02, an increase of 7.2 percent. This includes UW-Eau Claire's differential tuition charge and segregated fees, both of which support a range of student activities, programs and services.
         In setting the tuition, the Regents stayed within the 8 percent cap allowed by the proposed state budget repair bill for 2002-03 resident undergraduate tuition, Mash said, adding that the Legislature did agree that financial aid increases would be tied to tuition increases, which will help the university's neediest students.
         The tuition increases at UW schools are substantially lower than increases set by many other higher education institutions in the Midwest, Mash said, noting that students at similar institutions in other states are facing increases of $400 to $1,400 per year.
         Tuition increases of 7-8 percent have been typical in recent years at UW-Eau Claire as state legislators have opted to not fund the UW System at the level they once did, Mash said. "Universities have to charge individuals more to make up that difference," he said. "But while our tuition is increasing, it continues to be comparatively reasonable."
         Proposed cuts of more than $44 million to the UW System budget will translate into about $1.5 million in cuts to UW-Eau Claire's budget, Mash said. The university also absorbed $500,000 in cuts during the fiscal year that ended June 30, he said.
         "Even with the tuition increases, we are going to have to stretch to make the dollars work," Mash said. "We will be forced to become even more efficient, and to cut some services and programs. We certainly can't grow."
         The state Legislature's challenge is to fund organizations and agencies that can help the state's economic growth in the future, Mash said. "The university system can be instrumental in growing the state's economy but only if we receive adequate funding," he said.
         UW-Eau Claire's segregated fees are among the lowest in the UW System, and room and food service costs also are below the System average, Vice Chancellor Andrew Soll said. Room and meal plan rates will increase a total of $95 per semester, to $1,135 per semester for rental of a residence hall room and $740 per semester for the meal plan.
         The non-resident undergraduate tuition and fee total for the fall semester at UW-Eau Claire will be $6,884.10, not including room and board. That includes a 13 percent increase in tuition.
         Resident graduate students will pay first semester tuition and fees of $2,412.10, and non-resident graduate students will pay $7,717.10, not including room and board.
         Despite the Legislature's ongoing debate regarding the state budget reform bill the Regents had to set tuition now so students and parents would know fees and rates in advance of the start of the fall semester, Soll said.

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Updated: July 8, 2002