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UW-Eau Claire Honors
Longtime Employees 

MAILED: May 10, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will honor nearly 150 faculty, academic staff and classified staff for their many years of service during a reception May 14.
         The following people will be honored for 35 years of service: Terry Balding, professor, biology; Paulis Lazda, professor, history; Thomas Miller, professor, history; Thomas Schwartz, associate director, housing and residence life (housing); and Rita Kisting Sparks, interim associate dean, School of Nursing.
         People with 30 years of service are: James Brummer, professor, philosophy and religious studies; Margaret Hallatt, associate director, housing; Yui Ho, professor, biology; Carol Klun, interim associate dean, School of Education; Barbara Lozar, professor, psychology; Helaine Minkus, associate professor, geography and anthropology; Robert Nelson, professor, allied health professions; Daniel Norstedt, associate professor, McIntyre Library; James Page, custodian, facilities management and planning (facilities); John Pladziewicz, professor, chemistry; Bruce Taylor, professor, English; and Fred Waedt, senior lecturer, accounting and finance.
         Those being honored for 25 years of service are: Mary Ellen Alea, adjunct assistant professor, English; Patricia Christopherson, interim associate dean, School of Health and Human Services; Kathryn Colbert, computer services specialist, computing and networking services (CNS); Michael Fine, professor, political science; Penny France, human resource manager, Personnel Services; William Frankenberger, professor, psychology; Leonard Gibbs, professor, social work; Larry Glenn, audio production specialist, Media Development Center (MDC); David Hansen, associate professor, communication and journalism; Nancy Hendricks, program assistant, Athletics; John Hildebrand, professor, English; Gloria Hochstein, adjunct assistant professor, English; Karen Horan, senior lecturer, art, curriculum and instruction; Patricia Imbery, program assistant, mathematics; Janna Johnson, program assistant, Honors Program; Susan Krueger, senior lecturer, biology; Donna Kuklinski, program assistant, School of Nursing; Irene Lazda, associate professor, foreign language; Robin Leary, program assistant, Development; Katherine Mc Intyre, associate professor, McIntyre Library; Larry Morse, professor, psychology; Blaine Peden, professor, psychology; Kathleen Peterson, program assistant, Career Services; Donna Raleigh, training coordinator, MDC; Marian Ritland, information systems supervisor, CNS; Sharon Schulte, financial specialist, Business Services; John Stanford, upholsterer, housing; David Steagall, maintenance mechanic, facilities; Paula Stuettgen, student development and programs senior coordinator, Activities and Programs; Ingolf Vogeler, professor, geography and anthropology; Michael Wilson, associate professor, accounting and finance; and Edward Young, professor, economics.
         Employees honored for 20 years of service are: Debra Blanchard, program assistant, MDC; Mary Brenden, program assistant, Admissions; Margaret Cassidy, interim associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Daniel Ely, custodian, housing; Kathie Emerson, information services developer, CNS; Sylvia Emerson, program assistant, parking; Jon Eslinger, HVAC specialist, facilities; Kristine Fletcher, senior lecturer, music and theatre arts; Richard Fletcher, professor, music and theatre arts; Per-Ake Forsberg, consultant, MDC; Harry Hertel, attorney, Dean of Students; Rodney Hicks, custodial services supervisor, housing; Allen Keniston, professor, psychology; Daniel Langlois, assistant director, University Recreation; Nicholas Passell, associate professor, mathematics; Daniel Perkins, professor, communication and journalism; Janet Quarderer, senior lecturer, computer science; Patricia Quinn, McNair Project director; Ronald Satz, Provost; Carl Schoen, associate professor, mathematics; John Tinker Jr., professor, geology; Roger Tlusty, professor, Foundations of Education; James Walker, professor, mathematics; Linda Wendt, professor, family health nursing.
         Those recognized for 15 years of service are: Rose-Marie Avin, professor, economics; Cheryl Brandt, instructor, adult health nursing; Gale Crouse, professor, foreign languages; Beverly Dretzke, professor, psychology; William Dunlap, professor, curriculum and instruction; Margaret Dwyer, associate professor, accounting and finance; Mohamed Elgindi, professor, mathematics; James Folstad, mail clerk, mail services; David Gilman, mason, facilities; Rita Gundry, lab technician, Health Services; Carol Hale, senior lecturer, English; Jeffrey Hardy, custodian, housing; Scott Hartsel, professor, chemistry; Richard Heeg, assistant professor, mathematics; Katherine Jewell, program assistant, Human Development Center; Dale A. Johnson, associate dean, College of Business; Kevin Jones, director, Small Business Development Center; Jane Linstedt, financial specialist, University Centers; Arthur Lyons, student services coordinator, Academic Skills Center; Josette Migawa, consultant, foreign languages; Gilbert Nelson, facilities repairer, University Recreation; Penelope Odell, purchasing agent, Business Services; William Ogden Jr., professor, accounting and finance; Connie Olson, typesetter, Publications; Jean Peterson, outreach specialist, Continuing Education; Joseph Rohrer, professor, biology; Randy Saheim, environmental health specialist, loss prevention; Wanda Schulner, program assistant, University Senate; Sandra Seefeldt, advance practice nurse prescriber, Health Service; Gordon Smith, custodian, University Centers; Richard Snyder, associate professor, mathematics; Dominique Thevenin, associate professor, foreign languages; Cheryl Vandervoort, information systems, McIntyre Library; and Debra Walter, medical transcriptions, Health Service.
         Employees honored for 10 years of service are: Nancy Amdahl, program assistant, geology; Susan Brumberg-Schaefer, program assistant, University Police; Thomas Bye, telecommunication specialist, CNS; Janice Connolly, senior lecturer, business communications; Joseph Costa, lecturer, curriculum and instruction; Dave Crawford, financial specialist, music and theatre arts; V. Thomas Dock, dean, College of Business; David Drung, custodian, University Centers; Linda Duffy, clinic instructor, nursing systems; Yvonne Everson, custodian, University Centers; Peggy Gausman, budget coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences; Paul Graber, professor, kinesiology and athletics; Kevin Henderson, maintenance mechanic, facilities; Patricia Kapanke, program assistant, Continuing Education; Robert Kilde, maintenance mechanic, University Recreation; Christopher Kirchman, police officer, University Police; Valerius Knobloch, consultant, MDC; Alvin Koeller, lecturer, social work; David Lawrence, custodian, facilities; Timothy Leutwiler, assistant professor, communication and journalism; Christopher Lind, assistant vice chancellor, research; Nancy McFaul, library assistant, McIntyre Library; Timothy McMahon, custodial services supervisor, facilities; William Norrish, custodian, housing; Vicky Petermann, program manager, development; Kim Pierson, associate professor, physics and astronomy; Donald Reynolds, professor, mathematics; Erik Rotvold, academic adviser, advising and testing; Charlie Schilling, maintenance mechanic, University Centers; Karen Solheim, associate professor, family health nursing; Kent Syverson, associate professor, geology; Gene Trainor, custodian, housing; Michael Weber, associate professor, art; Mark Williams, physician, Health Services; Kelly Jo Wright, lecturer, communication and journalism; Chor Xiong, custodian, facilities.

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