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UW-Eau Claire Changes
Food Service Vendors 

MAILED: April 19, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire anticipates a change in food service vendors beginning June 1, when Sodexho Campus Services is expected to take over all campus food service operations, said Andrew Soll, vice chancellor of business and student services. On April 15 the university issued a notice of intent to award the contract to Sodexho.
         "We've had an excellent relationship with Chartwells, our current primary vendor, for many years and appreciate the hard work and dedication the Chartwells staff displays in meeting campus needs," Soll said. "This change in vendor is the result of a bid process; it is not an indication that we were dissatisfied with Chartwells' service or the services provided by other vendors on campus."
         Sodexho, part of the French-based Sodexho Alliance, S.A., brings with it more than 50 years of experience in the campus food service business. Several years ago, the company entered into a strategic alliance with the Marriott Corp. and has since taken over the prestigious higher education segment of Marriott's business. The company serves colleges and universities across the country, including 15 campuses in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities, so it knows the business and the region well. Sodexho promises a quality dining and catering program that will be tailored to meet the needs of UW-Eau Claire's campus community, Soll said.
         "We're excited about entering a partnership with Sodexho, a company with a reputation for creative and innovative campus dining programs," Soll said.
State law requires UW-Eau Claire to bid its food service operations every five to seven years, Soll said. It's been nine years since the university's operations were last bid because UW-Eau Claire requested a two-year extension so all its food service contracts would expire at the same time. By coordinating the contract expiration dates, UW-Eau Claire was able to request bids from vendors proposing to provide all the university's food services operations.
         "A single vendor allows the university to work with one management team to develop a comprehensive plan to provide the campus community with high quality, cost effective and innovative dining services," Soll said. "UW-Eau Claire's students, faculty, staff and guests will benefit from the coordinated effort."
         A university committee consisting of students and staff established the service requirements for the contract, set evaluation criteria and reviewed vendor proposals against those criteria, Soll said, noting that quality of service and cost were the two primary factors used by the committee in its evaluation.
         Contract details are being negotiated with Sodexho, Soll said. Specifics of the planned dining program will be announced when the contract is signed.

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Updated: April 19, 2002