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UW-Eau Claire Hosts
Mini Business World 2002 

MAILED: April 16, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE — More than 50 area high school students gathered in Eau Claire in March for the fourth annual Mini Business World 2002, an event hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire College of Business Entrepreneur Program.
         The two-day conference included students from Abbotsford, Barron, Clear Lake, Eau Claire Memorial, Eleva-Strum Central, Lincoln (Alma Center) and Thorp high schools participating in a business simulation competition.
Participants were assigned to teams composed of six high school students, one business adviser from the community and one university student of UW-Eau Claire's Entrepreneur Program. The teams formed companies for a computer business simulation.
         The companies created a luxury product, designed a company logo, developed marketing strategies, and presented stockholders' reports and marketing presentations including a 60-second commercial advertisement. Teams competed to see which company could manage the most prosperous business. Business advisers worked with students as they developed products, made budgetary decisions and reacted to market changes as generated by a two-year computer-driven business simulation.
         "The Mini Business World event offers a special opportunity to bring area high school students from neighboring communities together with area business people and Entrepreneur Program students, all in a professional conference setting," said James N. Pathos, Executive-in- Residence of the UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program.
         Rich Watkins, regional representative with BTIO Educational Products Inc., former local radio personality and graduate of UW-Eau Claire's Entrepreneur Program class of 1999, judged the logo and marketing competitions. Each team designed a company logo for the best logo design competition followed by a live presentation of a 60-second commercial. Watkins critiqued the marketing presentations and selected the top performing teams in each category.
         Business advisers for the conference were: Daniel Drescher of Title One, Eau Claire; Arik Johnson of Aurora WDC, Chippewa Falls; Dick Freitag of DIX Golf Designs, Eau Claire; Christopher Ray of San Pedro Café, Hudson; Mohan Ugandhariah of Lake Wissota Golf & Country Club, Chippewa Falls; Craig Hughes of S & C Bank, Eau Claire; Jeff Sauter of Eau Claire Athletic Club, Eau Claire; Eric Nelson of The Coffee Grounds, Eau Claire; Jack Stromwell, retired chairman of Charter Bank, Eau Claire; and Roger Hershman of National Logistics Associates Inc., Eau Claire.
         Student business advisers from UW-Eau Claire were: Justin Gardner of Eau Claire; Brad Zaporski of Brookfield; Casey Strauch of St. Paul, Minn.; Angela Gustafson of Crystal Lake, Ill.; Matthew Hibler of Brookfield; Mason Kemp of Madison; Angie Marking of Waunakee; Christopher Mead of Green Bay, Scott Miles of Hayward; and Meghan Royer of Green Bay.
         Colleen Cowles of Cowles Legal Systems, Eau Claire, and Susan Tietz of McDonough Manufacturing Co., Eau Claire, were keynote speakers.
         Team "Luminosity" won first place in the Best Logo Design competition. Mohan Ugandhariah of Lake Wissota Golf & Country Club was the business adviser. Team members were: Meredith Bishop of Eau Claire Memorial, Randy Jacks of Thorp, Kara Matti of Lincoln (Alma-Center), Jamie Rosenbush of Clear Lake, Laura Morrissey of Eau Claire Memorial, Lucas Bauer of Eleva-Strum, and Scott Miles of the UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program.
         First place in the Best Marketing Presentation (60-second commercial) category went to team "D.G. Pizza Cooker." Dick Freitag of DIX Golf Designs was the team's business adviser. Team members were: Jenny Hartman of Eau Claire Memorial, Nathan Zinn of Lincoln (Alma-Center), Mike Jensen of Barron, Amber Kehoe of Clear Lake, Krista Arciszewski of Thorp, Sara Sazama of Abbotsford, and Casey Strauch of the UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program.
First place in the Top Performing Company (Computer Simulation Winner) went to team "Luxury Ink." Craig Hughes of S & C Bank was the business adviser. Team members were: Ashley Christianson of Clear Lake, Joe Kollman of Lincoln, (Alma-Center), Cole Stark of Eau Claire Memorial, Josh Petermann of Eau Claire Memorial, Stephanie Perry of Eleva-Strum, and Kim LaViollete and Christopher Mead, both of the UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program.
         Students from Abbotsford High School who participated in the event were Shalee Schmutzler, Amber Deming, Sara Sazama, Michelle Klieforth, Justin Kunze and Kelvin Rachu. Michelle Murkowski and Ryan Winkler were the Abbotsford's teacher representatives.
         Participants from Barron High School were Austin Bensend, Karl Haugestuen, Matt Kirby, Mike Jensen, Angie Kringle and Amy Holloway. Barbara Millerman was the teacher representative.
         Participants from Eau Claire Memorial High School were Danielle Dawald, Megan Fanta, Lauren Hosch, Brent Mattison, Josh Rupnow, Laura Morrissey, Josh Petermann, Kyle Keith, Cole Stark, Ali Shuda, Nick Loken, Ashley Olson, Jenny Hartman, Jennie Devney, Meredith Bishop, Emily Rockwell, Jenny Kersten and Lindsey Forester. The teacher representatives were Sherri Quilling and Jeff Abbott.
         Students from Lincoln High School in Alma Center were Bob Johnson, Matt Langowski, Joe Kollman, Kara Matti, Mike Jacobs, Nathan Zinn, Joleen Matti, Jessica Adams and Tom Giese. Kathy Leis was the teacher representative.
Participants from Eleva-Strum Central High School were Laura Girolamo, Albrie Semingson, Lucas Bauer, Stephanie Perry, Erin Voght and LeeAnne Spangberg. Ardyth Brenner was the teacher representative.
         Students from Clear-Lake High School were Amy Raverty, Kristen Otis, Ashley Christianson, Diana Kreft, Tabitha Kirk, Amber Kehoe and Jamie Rosenbush. Darlene Bratager was the teacher representative.
         Participants from Thorp High School were Jason Wittek, Amanda Geissler, Blake Konieczny, Kyle Kaszubowski, Randy Jacks and Krista Arciszewski. Daryl Braatz was the teacher representative.
         The UW-Eau Claire College of Business Entrepreneur Program sponsored the Mini Business World 2002.
         For more information about the event and future Mini Business World events, call James N. Pathos, Executive-in-Residence, UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program at (715) 836-5829.

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