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UW-Eau Claire Winterim
Enrollment Increases 

MAILED: Jan. 10, 2002

         EAU CLAIRE  More students than ever are taking advantage of the January Winterim session at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
         Nearly 1,260 students are enrolled in UW-Eau Claire Winterim classes this year, the most students enrolled since Winterim was introduced on campus in 1996.
         "It's exciting to see students taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity to help them complete their degrees more quickly," said Janice Morse, administrative officer for Academic Affairs. "The typical Winterim student is on track to graduate earlier than they could without the January credits or is trying to catch up because they've fallen behind in their efforts to earn a degree."
         The January session allows students to take a class that might be in high demand, thus difficult to get into during the regular semester, Morse said, adding that students are earning a total of 3,604 credits during the 2002 Winterim session.
         "And as intensive three-week courses, classes are usually smaller, interactions with faculty are more relaxed, and students can totally immerse themselves in the subject matter in a way they cannot when taking three or four courses at the same time," Morse said.
         Students could choose from nearly 60 classroom-based courses and two Web-based courses during this year's session, which will end Jan. 18. Most classes meet every weekday for three hours and some also meet on Saturdays. Web-based courses were added this year to provide opportunities for working adults who want to take advantage of Winterim but can't come to campus every day, as well as UW-Eau Claire students who want to take a class but will be traveling or going home for the winter break, Morse said.
         Juniors and seniors continue to make up most of the Winterim population, but a growing number of freshmen and sophomores enrolled in classes during the 2002 session, Morse said. "Winterim really is a benefit to all students," she said, noting that there also are 13 graduate students taking classes during the 2002 session.
         UW-Eau Claire's Winterim session also is attracting an increasing number of students who attend other schools but are visiting family or friends in Eau Claire during their winter break. Those students often are able to earn credits at UW-Eau Claire, which will transfer to their home institution, Morse said.
         "It's a way for these students to make the most of their winter breaks - they can earn credits that will help keep them on track for graduation at their own institution while living with and visiting with family and friends in Eau Claire," Morse said.

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Updated: Jan. 10, 2002