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UW-Eau Claire Receives Grants
To Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
MAILED: Aug. 2, 2001

         EAU CLAIRE — The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Office of Public Safety was recently awarded two state grants to ensure bicycle and pedestrian safety.
         The grants, awarded by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, total $1,000 each. The department will match each grant with an award of $250 for each project.
         Seeing a need to increase awareness of bike and pedestrian safety, Officer Doug Hubbard, the department’s grant coordinator, applied for the state grants hoping the department would receive financial help.
         “We worry about the speed of cyclists, especially on the campus hill,” Hubbard said. “Most accidents are with bikes. People go down the hill too fast and lose control.”
         According to Hubbard, most people riding a bike down the campus hill are moving faster than the 15-mile-per-hour speed limit which cars also are required to obey.
         University police are busy each day and night responding to emergencies, doing investigations and attending to other assigned duties. The money from the grants will be used to pay the officers’ extra shifts to spend more time on bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement.
         “We’ve seen these problems over the years and need to spend more time enforcing traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists,” Hubbard said. “This will allow our officers to be more proactive. It’s difficult to give officers overtime without the assistance of grant awards.”
         According to Hubbard, the officers have been using radar for many years but have not been able to use it regularly. This grant will allow officers to use radar on a more consistent basis. Officers will be looking for pedestrians walking out in front of traffic without looking or walking against traffic signals, as well as for motorists weaving in between bicyclists and pedestrians.
         “The campus is probably the most highly congested area in the city,” Hubbard said. “We’re lucky we don’t have more injuries than we do.”
         The grants will provide for enforcement throughout the month of September when students are moving into the dorms and 2,200 new freshmen will be new to the campus. “For their safety, we want the new freshmen to know our rules,” Hubbard said.
         Hubbard is hopeful that the state will see that they need this money to help correct a problem, and that future grants will allow them to do more patrolling throughout the school year.

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Updated: Aug. 2, 2001