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UW-Eau Claire Alumni Continue
Tradition of Successful Transitions
MAILED: June 26, 2001

         EAU CLAIRE — For the fourth year in a row, over 99 percent of alumni responding to a Career Services’ survey have indicated that they are either employed or continuing their education a year after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
         “It’s amazing how many employers are aware of the outstanding reputation that our graduates have,” said Jeanne Sinz, director of Career Services. “We have both smaller, local and regional as well as large, international corporations who are eager to interview and hire our students.
         “UW-Eau Claire graduates are highly sought by employers because they are so successful in the work world,” Sinz said, noting that the combination of a broad-based liberal arts education with communication and problem solving skills, and the ability to work independently or to lead or be part of a team, make UW-Eau Claire students outstanding new hires.
         According to the National Association of College Employers, 18.8 percent of employers plan to hire new graduates this fall. In the Midwest, 53 percent of employers report no change, 47.7 percent plan cutbacks, while 5 percent plan to hire more.
         “Most of our graduates also have some type of internship or practicum experience, and employers like to hire students who have that on their resumes,” Sinz said. “In fact 80 percent of employers who hire interns offer them full-time positions.
         “UW-Eau Claire offers extraordinary opportunities in and outside of the classroom, which provide opportunities for students to grow, develop and build their skills,” Sinz said.
         Sinz said that the number of students with internships has increased, and that some students now begin interning early on in school, which means they may experience two or more internships by the time they graduate. “Doing an internship has so many benefits for a student. Our students have had that hands-on experience and exposure to the work environment and have also benefited from opportunities to network with professionals, learning from their advice and suggestions.”
         Members of the 1999-2000 class have found jobs as teachers, music therapists, advertisers, registered nurses and reporters. Graduates who are continuing their education attend more than 60 educational institutions, including places such as Northwestern University, UW-Medical School, Purdue University, University of Hawaii-Honolulu and Hamline University School of Law.
         The 1999-00 employment survey is based on a 65 percent response rate, or 1,093 responses from the 1,670 graduates. Of those responding, 99 percent of the College of Business graduates, 99 percent of College of Arts and Sciences graduates and 99 percent of the College of Professional Studies graduates reported they were working or continuing their education.
         Overall, 84 percent of those responding reported they were employed full or part time, 14 percent were continuing their education, and less than 1 percent said they were seeking employment.
         In the College of Arts and Sciences (674 graduates), 223 of the 354 survey respondents were employed full time, 31 were employed part time, 93 were continuing their education, and three were seeking employment. Information was not available for 320 of the graduates.
         In the College of Business, 290 of the 448 graduates were employed full time, two were employed part time, eight were continuing their education, and two were seeking employment. No information was available for 145 of the graduates.
         In the School of Education (318 graduates), 175 of the 256 survey respondents were teaching full time, one was working as a substitute teacher/aide, 18 were teaching part time, 19 were employed outside the field of education, and 36 were continuing their education. Information was not available for 62 of the graduates.
         In the School of Human Sciences and Services (133 graduates), 85 of the 103 survey respondents were employed full time, 17 were continuing their education, and one was seeking employment. No information was available for 30 of the graduates.
         In the School of Nursing, 75 of the 97 graduates were working full time, and two were continuing their education. No information was available for 20 of the graduates.
         In addition to on-campus interviews and internship programs, employers also can recruit employees or interns online through the Blugold CareerLink. For more information, check the Web at and click on Employers Guide, or call Career Services at (715) 836-5359.

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Updated: June 26, 2001