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UW-Eau Claire Professor Receives Grant
To Produce Instructional Materials
MAILED: June 21, 2001

         EAU CLAIRE - A University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty member has received $8,165 from the UW-System’s Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant to implement a project to benefit faculty and students in the field of communication disorders.
         Dr. Linda Carpenter, professor of communication disorders, has created a project titled “Videotapes for Case Studies in Communication Disorders,” an extension of her 1996 book, “Case Files: Interactive Studies in Language Assessment.”
         “We’re now in 2001 and it’s time for a new edition. Rather than redoing the text, we’re creating new case studies,” Carpenter said. “For academic aspects of teaching, there is a need at this moment for case materials.”
         And according to Carpenter, the availability of such materials on videotape is currently very limited. Carpenter’s goal is to produce high-quality, commercially viable materials that present case materials and resources for instructional use. Students and faculty could purchase these materials for class, or for out-of-class assignments.
         “We hope to have six cases. Each case will have several videotape clips,” Carpenter said. “The focus is on helping individuals learn how to do assessments of people who are referred for evaluation of suspected communication disorders.”
         Participants will include one student each from preschool, second grade, fifth grade, middle school and high school, as well as one adult. At the moment they still need fifth grade, middle and high school participants.
         Even though this project is designed to help the participants as well as students and faculty, Carpenter said she finds it difficult to find people in those age groups willing to participate. “Parents are understandably concerned about spotlighting their children’s disabilities,” Carpenter said, noting that it’s often a matter of helping both parents and participants understand they’re not going to do anything that would be embarrassing or awkward.
         The project will include 20 to 30 minutes of videotape of each participant. There will be interviews with the subjects, story-telling and conversational samples as well as interviews with parents of the younger children. Background information, case histories and test performances also will be provided. Each case could be used individually for a more in-depth study in the university setting.
         With the help of Thinking Publications and Post House, the project will be completed by the end of June 2002. Both businesses are based in Eau Claire.
         Carpenter said they plan to start taping first and decide on the delivery format later. She would like to have the video material available for downloading from the Internet, but for the convenience of the viewers (downloads can take a long time) a CD ROM may be put out first, with the Web site following.
         “This product will get created with the help of the UW System, which is a nice thing,” Carpenter said.
         The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant is a newly established program that seeks proposals aimed at improving undergraduate teaching and student learning. It is designed to strengthen UW System resources and better meet the needs of the institutions that apply for System funds.

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Updated: June 21, 2001