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Winterim Classes Offered
at UW-Eau Claire
MAILED: Oct. 10, 2000

          EAU CLAIRE — Winterim has been part of the academic calendar at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire since 1996, when only 13 courses were offered. The 2001 Winterim session offers nearly 60 courses during a three-week session that runs Jan. 2-19, with most of these classes meeting every weekday for three hours.
          "This Winterim session provides such a rich array of course offerings compared to where we started just five years ago," said Jan Morse, administrative officer for academic affairs. "I think with the number and variety of courses available, most students will find at least one course that will help them stay on track or get a step ahead on completing their degrees."
          The three-week Winterim course offerings allow current students to make the most of their winter breaks, Morse said. "Winterim is a wonderful opportunity for students to accelerate degree completion, catch up on those few credits that are needed to achieve the next class level, take a course that is in high demand during the fall and spring semesters, or simply immerse themselves in a subject matter that is of interest to them," Morse said. Winterim also offers an opportunity for people not enrolled at the university to take a course.
          "Also, because it is an intensive three-week course, classes are usually smaller, interactions with faculty are more relaxed, and Winterim allows students to totally immerse themselves in the subject matter in a way they cannot when taking three or four courses at the same time," Morse said.
          Many juniors and seniors are aware of the benefits of Winterim session, Morse said. "I hope that as the program offerings expand more freshmen and sophomores will see the many advantages of taking a course during Winterim — it is a benefit to all students."
          The 2001 Winterim schedule includes several timely and interesting courses, Morse said. For example, political science assistant professor Ali Abootalebi is offering a course called "Arab-Israeli Conflict." During the course, Abootalebi will examine the political, socioeconomic, cultural and historical roots of the conflict between Arab States/Palestinian Arabs and the state of Israel.
          Also, a few of the kinesiology courses offered this Winterim session are aimed at providing knowledge and experience for individuals to get started on a regular exercise program. These include a one-credit class on weight training and a two-credit course on wellness concepts and fitness.
          Information about these and other course offerings is on UW-Eau Claire's Web site,, under Admission and Registration and on the Blugold System. Currently enrolled students can register Oct. 16-27, and special students — including those not currently enrolled at UW-Eau Claire — can begin registering Oct. 27. For more information, call the Registration Office at (715) 836-2425.

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