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Promotions, Tenure Awards Announced
At UW-Eau Claire
MAILED: Aug. 4, 2000

          EAU CLAIRE — University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Chancellor Donald Mash has announced promotions in rank and tenure and other changes of status for members of the faculty and academic staff. The status changes are the result of action by the UW System Board of Regents at their June meeting.
          Faculty promoted to professor include Dr. Gwen Applebaugh, mathematics; Dr. Rose-Marie Avin, economics; Dr. Janice Bogstad, library services; Dr. Beverly Dretzke, psychology; Dr. John Drost, mathematics; Dr. Mohammed Elgindi, mathematics; Dr. Susan Haugen, accounting and finance; Dr. Allen Keniston, psychology; Dr. Peter Myers, political science; Dr. Susan Peck, adult health nursing; Dr. Kathryn Ready, management and marketing; Dr. Robert Sutton, management and marketing; Dr. Anne Utschig, English; and Dr. Martin Wood, English.
          Faculty granted tenure and promoted to associate professor include Max Garland, English; Dr. J. Erik Hendrickson, physics and astronomy; Dr. David Lonzarich, biology; and Dr. Mona Magdalani, curriculum and instruction.
          Faculty granted tenure include Elizabeth Richmond, library services; newly appointed Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Ted Wendt, music and theatre arts; and Dr. Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, newly appointed chair and professor of nursing systems.
          Faculty promoted to associate professor are Dr. Debra Jansen, adult health nursing; Dr. Irene Lazda, foreign languages; Dr. J. Brian Mahoney, geology; Dr. David Schaffer, economics; and Dr. Nola Schmitt, family health nursing.
          The following academic staff members received promotions and title changes: Judy Berthiaume, News Bureau, to administrative program manager II; Rebecca Davis, psychology, to lecturer; Stanley Ediger, mathematics, to senior lecturer; Dale Gable, foreign languages, to senior lecturer; Richard Kark, M.D., Health Services, to senior physician; Dr. Kirk Kidwell, English, to lecturer; Jeff Lutz, kinesiology, to senior lecturer; Joanne Mellema, M.D., Health Services, to senior physician; Diane Omtvedt, Health Services, to senior clinical nurse specialist; Vicky Petermann, Development Office, to development program manager I; Richard Postlewaite, economics, to senior lecturer; Dr. Elizabeth Preston, English, to lecturer; Janet Quarderer, management information systems, to senior lecturer; Kris Sandager, Health Services, to senior clinical nurse specialist; Lisa Schuetz, University Recreation, to student services program manager I; Sandy Seefeldt, Health Services, to senior clinical nurse specialist; Jace Smith, Housing, to senior residence hall manager; John Stupak, physics and astronomy to instrumentation specialist; Troy Terhark, University Recreation, to student services program manager I; Martin Webb, philosophy and religious studies, to lecturer; Dr. D. Wallace Weil, management and marketing, to senior lecturer; Sharon Westphal, psychology, to lecturer; Allen Wiberg, University Recreation, to student services program manager I; Mark Williams, M.D., Health Services, to senior physician; Sean Yengo, kinesiology, to lecturer; and Donald Zeutschel, University Research, to administrative program manager III.
          Academic staff members granted indefinite status are Jon Bollinger, University Recreation, and Vicky Petermann, Development Office.

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Updated: Aug. 4, 2000