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Nursing Professor, Students Research
Health Care Promotions Aimed at Hmong
MAILED: July 26, 2000

          EAU CLAIRE — Dr. Susan Moch, a professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and two UW-Eau Claire students are participating in several health promotion projects this summer in collaboration with the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association.
          May Zoua Yang, Eau Claire, a junior nursing student, and Allison Schultz, Manitowoc, a sophomore biology major, are working with Moch as research assistants on the projects.
          The projects include the assessment of radio and public access television health promotions that were developed by nursing students during the past school year. Issues such as heart disease and cancer prevention were addressed in past promotions. Students also developed a weeklong series on parenting that aired during Hmong hour on WISN radio.
          Joe Bee Xiong of the HMAA served as interpreter for the programs. The Northern Wisconsin Area Health Education Consortium provided funding for his participation as well as for some of the student participation.
          This summer, Moch said the students are evaluating the effectiveness of these promotions as well as determining what other programs should be offered in the future. Moch said she hopes to have nursing students involved in developing the programs again in the fall.
          Moch and the students also have been funded by the Area Health Education Consortium to work with the Family Medicine Clinic in Eau Claire to learn more about Hmong culture in health care. As part of this program, they meet with a group of health care providers and a representative from the HMAA to discuss research articles and other information about Hmong health care.
          According to Moch, programs like this are very important in the community.
          "They help students, professors and health care providers learn more about the Hmong community," she said. "In addition, they allow members of the Hmong community to learn more about health and the health care system."
          Yang and Schultz said their involvement in the project has been very beneficial to them as well.
          "This program has taught me how to do research. It also has made me feel more connected to the community by providing me the opportunity to go out and talk to people," Yang said. "I have found that people in the community have a lot of interesting views and ideas."
          Being a part of this research team and working with Moch has been a wonderful experience, Schultz added. "It has made research more tangible, more real and more fun." Moch has been working with the HMAA for the past four years and was informally involved with the Hmong community for eight years prior to that. Her involvement, along with student participation at the HMAA during clinical experiences, led to their collaboration for these projects, Moch said.
          Yang and Schultz are working as research assistants funded by a faculty/student collaborative grant from the Office of University Research at UW-Eau Claire.

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