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Ninety-nine Percent of UW-Eau Claire Alumni
Employed, Continuing Education
MAILED: July 14, 2000

          EAU CLAIRE — For the fourth time in five years, 99 percent of alumni responding to a Career Services' survey have indicated that they are either employed or continuing their education a year after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
          "UW-Eau Claire has a reputation for helping students attain the skills and experience needed to make them quality employees," said Jeanne Sinz, director of Career Services. "Our placement record of 99 percent compared with the national average of 80 percent is a reflection of the caliber of our outstanding graduates. Employers love our grads and compete aggressively for them."
          The 1998-99 employment survey is based on a 74 percent response rate, or 1,238 responses from the 1,679 graduates. Of those responding, 100 percent of the College of Business graduates, 99 percent of College of Arts and Sciences graduates and 99 percent of the College of Professional Studies graduates reported they were working or continuing their education.
          Overall, 87 percent of those responding reported they were employed full- or part-time, 12 percent were continuing their education, and less than 1 percent said they were seeking employment.
          "The high job placement numbers reflect the skills our students gain as a result of their liberal arts-based education and the satisfaction employers have with our graduates," Chancellor Donald Mash said. "In addition to classroom instruction, our students develop the skills that are essential in today's rapidly changing work world through our service-learning program, student-faculty collaborative research, internship opportunities and rich co-curricular activities."
          Graduates can expect to have as many as 10 jobs and three different careers in their lifetime, Mash said, adding that they will need to have the capacity to continually update their abilities, acquire new skills and make transitions.
          "To better serve the work force needs in the Chippewa Valley, UW-Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and the Chippewa Valley Technical College are working in partnership to create more flexibility and opportunity for students and employers as they attempt to meet their ongoing educational needs," Mash said. "Bringing our strengths and specialties together, we are collectively covering our region's work force needs very well."
          Members of the 1998-99 graduating class are now working as accountants, GIS technicians, hydrologists, music therapists, police officers, registered nurses, Peace Corps volunteers, software engineers and technical writers. Education graduates work in more than 100 school districts and nursing graduates work in more than 50 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and schools.
          Graduates of 1998-99 are continuing their education at more than 40 educational institutions, including places such as Loyola University, Northwestern University, University of Hawaii-Honolulu, California Western School of Law, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Purdue University, UW-Medical School and William Mitchell College of Law.
          In the College of Arts and Sciences (744 graduates), 271 of the 400 survey respondents were employed full-time, 24 were employed part-time, 101 were continuing their education and four were seeking employment. Information was not available for 344 of the graduates.
          In the College of Business, 416 of the 419 graduates were employed full-time and no information was available for three of the graduates.
          In the School of Education (313 graduates), 183 of the 240 survey respondents were teaching full-time, 13 were working as substitute teachers/aides, 10 were employed outside the field of education, 33 were continuing their education and one was seeking employment. Information was not available for 73 of the graduates.
          In the School of Human Sciences and Services (102 graduates), 63 of the 78 survey respondents were employed full-time, five were employed part-time, nine were continuing their education and one was seeking employment. No information was available for 24 of the graduates.
          In the School of Nursing, 97 of the 101 graduates were working full-time and four were continuing their education.
          "These numbers are wonderful — they're fantastic. They indicate our outstanding reputation among employers," Sinz said, noting that a record number and an increased variety of organizations were on campus this year to recruit students.
          "Employers are looking for students with interpersonal skills, an ability to work on a team and strong communication skills," Sinz said. "Our students' broad liberal arts education laced with the computer and technology experience they gain at UW-Eau Claire make them extremely marketable to employers."
          UW-Eau Claire graduates, especially the ones who take advantage of out-of-the-classroom experiences have many options, Sinz said.
          An exploding economy and low unemployment rate have prompted employers to find creative ways to recruit and retain students, Sinz said. "One of the best ways for employers to connect early with highly motivated students is to provide a quality internship program."
          Studies show that students who have an internship experience are offered more jobs with higher starting salaries, Sinz said. "I know from the employers' point of view, internships help to attract and recruit quality graduates and students have an opportunity to acquire on-the-job skills and learn if they will fit in with the employer's culture and environment."
          Faculty and employers are continually collaborating to develop new internship opportunities for our students, Sinz said. "We're very pleased with employers' increased awareness of the advantages of internship programs to attract high caliber students."
          Overall, recent graduates and future graduates of UW-Eau Claire are in a good position, Sinz said. "Our reputation is strong, the economy continues to boom and they have a lot of opportunities to gain a wide range of experience while at UW-Eau Claire."
          In addition to on-campus interviews and internship programs, employers also can recruit employees or interns online through the Blugold CareerLink. For more information, check the Web at and click on Employers Guide, or call Career Services at (715) 836-5359.

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