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MAILED: May 10, 2000

EAU CLAIRE — Twenty-three University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff have been selected to receive funding to support their research and creative activities during the 2000-01 academic year.
The grants were awarded under the University Research and Creative Activity program of the UW-Eau Claire Office of University Research with support from the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Inc. The following are grant recipients:
Dr. Audrey Bryan, associate professor of family health nursing, for the project "Incorporating Diversity and Practice Application into Research."
Dr. Kenneth De Meuse, professor of management and marketing, for "Corporate Downsizing: Using Research to Enhance Practice."
Dr. Diane Duncan, philosophy and religious studies lecturer, for her project "The Pre-Text of Ethics: On Derrida and Levinas."
Dr. Douglas Dunham, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, for "Synchrotron Radiation Studies of the Oxidation of b-SiC(100) Surfaces."
Dr. R. Michael Howe, assistant professor of mathematics, for the project "K-Invariant Differential Operators."
Dr. Harry Jol, associate professor of geography, for "The Acquisition and Visualization of Ground-Penetrating Radar Data."
Dr. Erna Kelly, professor of English, for the project "Three Contributions to Margaret Cavendish Scholarship: Bibliography, Drama and Workshop."
Dr. Winifred Morse, professor of adult health nursing, for the project "Supporting People with Early Stage Alzheimer's and Their Caregivers: Research and Practice."
Dr. Garry Running, assistant professor of geography, for "Geoarchaelogical Investigations of the Three Archaeological Localities in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone."
Dr. Jon Scales, assistant professor of biology, for the project "Interactions Between the RTK Pag and Cadherin Regulate Cell Adhesion."
Dr. Judy Sims, associate professor of communication and journalism, for her project "Struggling Toward Pluralism: The Structure of Greek Radio Broadcasting Since Privatization."
Dr. Kent Syverson, associate professor of geology, for "Enhancing Glacial Geology Research Opportunities in Maine."
Dr. Lloyd Turtinen, professor of biology, for "Does the US29 Gene of Human Cytomegalovirus Code for a Receptor Decoy?"
Dr. Timothy Vaughan, assistant professor of management and marketing, for the project "Safety Stock vs. Slack Time in Cyclical Production Schedules."
Dr. Evan Weiher, assistant professor of biology, for the project "A Multivariate Investigation of Prairies and Oak Savannas in the Lower Chippewa River Corridor."
Dr. Thao Yang, associate professor of chemistry, for "Conformational Studies of RGD-Peptides and Atrial Natriuretic Peptide."
Seven of the twenty-three recipients have been designated as faculty grants scholars and have been awarded a partial reassignment of time from teaching or related duties to grant-sponsored activities. The following are faculty grants scholars:
Dr. Debra Barker, associate professor of English, for "That the People May Live: An Examination of Early Sioux Nationalism in the Works of Ella Deloria and Zitkala Sa."
Jeffrey Brand-Ballard, assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies, for the project "Sharing Fate: A Critique of Individualism in Modern Social Contract Theory."
Dr. Qitao Guo, assistant professor of history, for "Early Modern Chinese Sociocultural History."
Kristen Monaco, assistant professor of economics, for the project "Examining the Wages and Working Conditions of Truck Drivers."
Dr. Robert Nowlan, assistant professor of English, for "Queer Theory: A Marxist Critique."
Dr. Michael Penkava, assistant professor of mathematics, for the project "Three Collaborative Mathematical Research Projects."
Dr. Lori Rowlett, assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies, for "The Prostitute as Metaphor and Reality in the Hebrew Bible."

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Updated: May 10, 2000