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MAILED: April 21, 2000

          EAU CLAIRE — In an effort to better meet the marketing needs of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the university's News Bureau has undergone a restructuring.
          "UW-Eau Claire has a long tradition of providing exceptional educational programs that give students the knowledge and experiences they need to succeed in and after college," said Janice Wisner, director of the News Bureau. "Now we want to increase and better coordinate our communication efforts as we tell our story of excellence and identify new ways that we can meet the needs of our many constituencies."
          Judy Berthiaume, who has been the News Bureau's news editor since 1993, has assumed the responsibilities of marketing program manager.
          In this position, Berthiaume will manage the development of a marketing communications plan for UW-Eau Claire, manage the development of promotional materials that will support university-wide marketing goals, and promote the use of market research and other data in developing marketing materials. She also will serve as a resource in developing recruitment materials for departments and units such as Admissions, American Ethnic Coordinating Office, the Center for International Education, Winterim and Summer Session.
          "Traditionally marketing has been a decentralized activity at UW-Eau Claire," said Chancellor Donald Mash. "We initiated a more cooperative and integrated approach to marketing, a necessity as we compete with other institutions for top students, as well as communicate more effectively with residents and businesses in our region.
          "This coordinated approach will improve our ability to get important information out to the public, while more efficiently using our resources. Our coordinated and stepped up marketing efforts are a part of our strategic planning process."
          Traditional-age students with better-than-average academics are market savvy and expect colleges and universities to reach out to them, Berthiaume said, noting that colleges and universities across the country are stepping up their marketing efforts as they try to attract top students. "UW-Eau Claire must get these students the information they need if we are going to be considered as they make their college decisions."
          The creation of a university-wide marketing communications plan will help ensure that UW-Eau Claire's messages are accurate and consistent, as well as provide the kinds of information that prospective students and community members need in order to make education-related decisions, Berthiaume said. For example, UW-Eau Claire purchased several advertisements in regional newspapers to help ensure that people in the Chippewa Valley understand that the university is committed to serving non-traditional students, she said.
          "We want people in the Chippewa Valley to know that they are welcome in our classrooms and on our campus," Mash said. "By building awareness about university programs, we are increasing people's ability to take advantage of the vast learning opportunities available here."
          Research is another important aspect of the marketing mission, Berthiaume said. "By having a research-based marketing plan, we will better understand our various constituents and be in a position to better serve their needs."
          Elizabeth Wolf Green, a UW-Eau Claire graduate with more than 10 years experience in communication and marketing in the Chippewa Valley, has taken over the News Editor responsibilities previously held by Berthiaume. She also has assumed responsibility for the University Bulletin.
          Ann Hoffman, who has been with the UW-Eau Claire News Bureau since 1981, will continue to serve as editor of The View, as well as act as the lead person in the development of several other major university publications. She also is now responsible for the development of UW-Eau Claire's Viewbook, the university's primary search piece for recruiting new students.

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