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MAILED: Dec. 3, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is Y2K compliant but has contingency plans in place should it experience unexpected problems when the clock strikes midnight New Year's Eve.
"We are not expecting anything out of the ordinary but we will have plans and people in place should the unexpected occur," said Kathy Mitchell, chair of the Year 2000 Mission Critical Systems Study Committee. "We've identified ways to ensure the safety of any students who might still be staying on campus during the break, and we have taken steps to help ensure that our computers and other equipment will not be damaged should there be problems."
The contingency plans were developed primarily to deal with the potential loss of power on campus, Mitchell said, noting that the Northern States Power has assured its customers that it is unlikely that there will be such an outage.
The McPhee Physical Education Building has a generator with sufficient capacity to keep the air handlers running for two days before needing to be refueled, Mitchell said. There will be 30,000 gallons of fuel available at the Heating Plant for that purpose, she said.
Should there be a power outage, the 200-300 students who typically stay in Towers Hall during the semester break would be housed in the McPhee building or the Ade Olson Addition, Mitchell said.
Elevators in Towers Hall will be disabled on New Years Eve shortly before midnight and restarted when continuing electrical power is assured. Emergency generators in the residence hall will keep lights operational in the corridors and stairwells, Mitchell said. Students staying in Towers will be asked to gather in the main lobby shortly before midnight so that all residents would be accounted for in the event of a power failure, she said.
UW-Eau Claire's Heating Plant will serve as the base of operations and the communications center on Dec. 31, 1999, and Jan. 1, 2000. The Heating Plant operator and a member of the university's Public Safety Office will be in telephone and radio contact with other members of the Facilities Planning and Management staff as necessary, as well as with the Community Communication System that will be set up in City Hall, Mitchell said.
UW-Eau Claire's computer systems and servers have been modified or replaced in recent months, ensuring that they are Y2K compliant, Mitchell said.

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Updated: Dec. 3, 1999