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World AIDS Day
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MAILED: Nov. 24, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will take part in observing the 12th annual World AIDS Day Wednesday, Dec. 1.
The global theme for this year is "AIDS: End the Silence," which was chosen to encourage people around the world to open lines of communication concerning the AIDS epidemic and to motivate people — especially those under the age of 25 — to speak out about the issue and educate themselves and others to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Multiple groups on campus involved with the planning of the day decided to add to the theme to make it "AIDS: End the Silence. The Time is Now."
For that day, 11" x 17" signs, which will include statistics and other HIV/AIDS prevention information, will be hung adjacent to all the clocks in classrooms and hallways in the academic buildings. The center of these clocks will have a small sign on it saying "The Time is Now," but the sign will not prevent the reading of time.
Also, the large clock on the campus mall will be draped for the day with white sheets and tied with a red ribbon.
"The main purpose is to grab people's attention that this is a day set aside globally for people to be reminded that the AIDS epidemic is still with us," said Beth Jansen-Bonde, Health Educator for Health Services who supervises the peer health educators.
In the past, the peer health educators, eight student employees who present a variety of educational and prevention programs and plan special events for the university, have had booths in Davies Center with literature to increase AIDS awareness. This year they decided to create a more dramatic day.
"I felt it was time to create a special World AIDS Day event," Jansen-Bonde said. "Although this educational technique is passive in nature, it will reach people in a way that didactic education cannot.
"People look at clocks multiple times during the day, and each time they look at one of the clocks on campus they will have the opportunity to see up to 25 different messages about HIV/AIDS."
Jansen-Bonde said the most recent time the university planned a large World AIDS Day project was in March 1995 when the Names Project/AIDS Memorial Quilt was brought to campus.
In addition to hanging signs by clocks and covering the mall clock, booths containing information about HIV/AIDS still will be set up in Davies East Lobby and also in the lobby of the Haas Fine Arts Center. Red ribbons also will be available.
At 5 p.m. a vigil will be held by the campus mall clock. Several speakers are scheduled, including Dr. Rodolfo Buiser, assistant professor of biology, who will discuss his research on the HIV virus; representatives from the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW), Jamie Sorenson and Tina Russell; and Mai Lo, a student who is trained as an HIV prevention educator.
Following the scheduled speakers, audience members will be given an opportunity to share their thoughts during an open microphone session. At the conclusion of the vigil, the clock will be uncovered.
Besides the peer health educators, other groups planning the event are the Student Life and Diversity commission of the Student Senate, Gay Lesbian Or Bisexual Equality, Making Our School An Intercultural Community, College Feminists, the Art Student Association, the Eau Claire Student Nurses, Alpha Phi Omega, University Activities Commission, Equality, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin and Peer Counselors.

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Updated: Nov. 24, 1999