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MAILED: Nov. 12, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Since 1982, the Women's Studies Program has sought nominations from faculty mentors to recognize exemplary student projects and research, and that time is here again. Emphasizing the contributions and roles of women, the nominated works should demonstrate the importance of creative student-faculty collaboration.
The three entry categories include the following:
  • Undergraduate research papers, which are made up of a minimum of five pages using primary or secondary sources.

  • Undergraduate projects, which may include — but are not limited to — literary works, original artwork, software, videos, musical performances or compositions.

  • Graduate projects or research papers consisting of a minimum of 20 typed pages.

Three additional awards will be presented: the Mary Catherine and Caroline Kessler History Award, the Edna Castleman John Poetry Award, and the Margaret John Carlson Fiction Award.
Nominations must be submitted to Women's Studies, 165 Haas Fine Arts Center, by Feb. 4. Papers and projects in fulfillment of class requirements during the spring and fall 1999 semesters and summer 1999 session are eligible for nomination. Nomination criteria are the following:
  1. Faculty members are limited to three nominations to encourage a more select pool of nominees.

  2. Preliminary screening by judges will identify nominations eligible for recognition at the awards ceremony. This should insure a minimum standard of achievement for all winners at the awards event.

  3. Each entry will be checked for its completeness. The nominations should include the faculty recommendation and all pertinent statements before being submitted to the judges' panel.
Projects and papers will be analyzed by a cross-disciplinary panel of UW-Eau Claire faculty and students. Judging criteria include appropriateness or originality, timeliness of the topic or theme, appropriate use of materials and impact.
Cash awards are supported by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation and by private sponsors.
Individuals who would like to volunteer for the judges' panel or who need more information about the nominations and awards should contact Cynthia Welch in the Women's Studies Program office at (715) 836-5717 (mornings) or by e-mail at

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Updated: Nov. 12, 1999