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MAILED: Nov. 9, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — A total of 10,395 students are taking classes at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire during the fall semester of the 1999-2000 academic year.
"Our enrollment numbers are right on target," Chancellor Donald Mash said. "And the more than 2,000 new freshmen are among the best and brightest students in our region, adding to the overall quality of UW-Eau Claire's already exceptional student body."
Of the students enrolled during the fall semester, 8,972 are full-time graduate or undergraduate students and 1,423 are taking courses on a part-time basis. Undergraduate students total 9,919, while 476 students are enrolled in graduate courses. The total count includes 6,286 women and 4,109 men.
A total of 4,786 students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences this semester, while another 2,128 students are in the College of Business. And 3,005 students are enrolled in programs within the College of Professional Studies, including 582 in the School of Human Sciences and Services, 1,891 in the School of Education and 532 in the School of Nursing.
UW-Eau Claire students include 7,970 Wisconsin residents and 2,293 students who are from states other than Wisconsin, with 2,121 of the out-of-state students coming from Minnesota. Also, there are 132 students enrolled who are from countries other than the United States. There are 534 American and foreign minority students enrolled at UW-Eau Claire this semester, including 94 African American students, 68 American Indian students, 254 Asian students and 118 Hispanic/Latino students.
The fall semester student body includes 2,016 new students, 2,015 of whom are new freshmen. There also are 896 continuing freshmen enrolled this semester. In addition, there are 2,200 sophomores, 1,877 juniors and 2,690 seniors taking classes. There are another 241 special students who are taking classes at UW-Eau Claire but are not enrolled in degree programs. Of the enrolled students, 1,401 are over the age of 23.
Mash said he was particularly pleased that UW-Eau Claire was able to offer additional weekend and evening courses this semester, helping meet the needs of community members who were interested in taking courses at the university but could not do so during the day.
"Many of the special students taking classes this semester were able to do so because of UW-Eau Claire's renewed commitment to opening its doors to the community," Mash said. "We will continue to look for new ways to help meet the educational needs of the Chippewa Valley."

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Updated: Nov. 9, 1999