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MAILED: Nov. 9, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Stanley Ediger, mathematics lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, was awarded the 1999 Student Recognition Award Oct. 25 for his work with students with disabilities.
"It was a complete surprise," said Ediger, claiming he didn't realize he was going out of his way to accommodate students with disabilities. "I try to give everybody the help they need."
Ediger, who also serves as director of the math lab, said he does not teach classes specifically for students with disabilities. Rather the students with disabilities he has dealt with have been in his classes among those students without disabilities.
"If someone has a hearing problem, I make sure someone takes notes for them," Ediger said. "Or if someone has difficulty seeing, I make sure they sit where it's best — but any professor would do that."
Ediger was one of 44 faculty/staff members who were nominated, said Beth Hicks, academic coordinator for services for students with disabilities, who said 117 students with disabilities participated in the selection this year. Among the 44 nominations, 22 departments from every college and school were represented.
"This shows consistently across campus that faculty/staff are sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities," Hicks said.
The award, which has been given for the past five years, always is awarded during October because it's National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
It is reported that 70 percent of the people with severe disabilities are unemployed, and 75 percent of the unemployed report they want to work.
"Education is the key for employment," Chancellor Donald Mash said during the award reception. "For individuals with disabilities, a college degree opens the door to many occupations that physically they can do."
Mash also said the highest employment rate for people with disabilities is among those with college degrees, and that is another reason why this award is given to a UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff member each year — to recognize this connection between education and employment.

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Updated: Nov. 9, 1999