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MAILED: Oct. 14, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Graduate nursing education student Gwen Amoapim will represent the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at the first North American Student Forum in Veracruz, Mexico, Oct. 25-26.
Amoapim will participate in a dialogue with other students of varied educational levels and disciplines from the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Consortium of North American Higher Education Collaboration, one of the forum's organizers, hopes to increase awareness of economic, social and environmental concerns by establishing a group of North American student leaders who will communicate and collaborate with each other.
Amoapim won one of 40 U.S. scholarships provided by the William and Flora Hewitt Foundation, which covers her registration fees, hotel accommodation and meal expenses during the conference. Forty scholarships each were awarded in Canada and Mexico, as well.
To win the scholarship Amoapim wrote an essay that addressed her personal, academic and work experiences and how those experiences could be enhanced by her participation in the forum. She also discussed the aspects of the emerging North American community in which she is most interested and how she could contribute to the NASF.
"I am very pleased and excited that she was chosen," said Cecilia Wendler, assistant professor of nursing systems. "Gwen wrote a strong essay that outlined her desire to develop leadership in this area and that highlighted her work on an independent study with Dr. CeCelia Zorn that involved some of the issues raised in this call for participants."
Wendler chairs the ad hoc committee on international education for nursing students and appreciates Amoapim's involvement in that committee. "Gwen provides invaluable input about the strengths and barriers to programs as we begin to plan them," Wendler said.
The School of Nursing hopes to apply for a U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education grant that would help facilitate student travel abroad. "Gwen's desire to build grant-writing skills and her presence at the conference will help strengthen the grant by providing graduate student perspective," Wendler said. "Gwen also was the only graduate student present at the UW System's Global Institute held in Wausau (in September), so she is very keyed into the UW System's perspective on international and global studies for students."
Amoapim specifically is interested in global nursing education — "that is facilitating students' growth and development so that they can become culturally competent health care providers both within the United States and globally," she said.
"As a nursing school, we recognize the importance of our students understanding the global perspective in health care education and delivery," said Susan Johnson Warner, associate dean and educational administrator of the School of Nursing. "Gwen's involvement in this forum will help guide our school as we develop partnerships with our international colleagues."
During the forum, Amoapim expects to contribute by drawing upon her experiences as a female, a student, an acute care nurse and one who has lived in diverse cultural settings, including Africa and the Middle East.
Amoapim plans to share what she learns with fellow students, faculty members and others interested in global education. "This learning experience will be used as a resource to enhance global awareness and promote cultural competency in my students," Amoapim said.
"I view this honor as an opportunity to represent nurses and nursing. In addition, I will be the university's ambassador by promoting the college's commitment to excellence."
"Gwen is very talented," Wendler said. "She is scholarly, articulate and a strong leader. This is a wonderful honor for her and will enhance her personal and professional skills."

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