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MAILED: Oct. 7, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Early risers in the Chippewa Valley looking to get in shape have the Community Fitness Program at their service. The program runs from 6 to 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the McPhee Physical Education Center on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus.
UW-Eau Claire has pulled together space, time and energy to provide a safe, sensible exercise program for two types of individuals — those who have completed cardiac rehabilitation in a hospital and want to move to an independent workout and de-conditioned people who want a structured exercise program with group support.
Directed by Dr. Don Bredle, assistant professor of kinesiology and athletics, the program is holding an open house from 6 to 8 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 13, on the indoor track of the Olson Addition.
"We'd like to get the message out the program exists," Bredle said. "Hopefully, people will come and take a peek so they can see what we're trying to accomplish."
He said another goal of holding the open house is to try to bring back community residents who "graduated" from last year's first-run program and see whether they still are exercising on their own.
Each session begins with a heart rate and blood pressure check taken by exercise management or exercise science majors who help with the program. Then participants walk a few warm-up laps around the indoor track, followed by a stretching routine.
Sophomore exercise management major Kristin Barney, Brookfield, said each participant has the choice of what to do next. With the guidance and support of a kinesiology student, participants can walk, use the weight room or ride the stationary bikes before they finish up the session with another reading of their heart rate and blood pressure. The way the program is structured there is almost a one-to-one ratio between participants and student volunteers.
"I really enjoy being able to focus on one individual because I can see their progress, and they'll tell me if they're getting a good workout," Barney said. "I just really enjoy helping people get in shape."
As a new member to the Community Fitness Program, which costs $75, Eau Claire resident Marie House was drawn because of the variety and structure the program provides.
"I wanted to get out and exercise, but I needed someone to tell me when to stop and start and whether or not I'm exercising correctly," House said.
Veteran of the program and Eau Claire resident Ken Green joined the program because he also was looking for a scheduled routine.
"What keeps me coming back is the program itself because you have a schedule and you have to stick to it — like a student has to go to class," Green said.
He also enjoys finding the best exercise or weights that work for him "in a friendly environment with students to help me out."
Along with student volunteers and Bredle, the program has a governing board comprised of medical director Dr. Louis Frase, UW-Eau Claire faculty and cardiac rehabilitation personnel from Sacred Heart, Luther and St. Joseph's hospitals.
For more information about the Community Fitness Program, contact Bredle at (715) 836-3953, or ask the cardiac rehabilitation staff at any of the above hospitals.

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Updated: Oct. 7, 1999