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MAILED: July 27, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — The winners of this year's Wisconsin Science Talent Search, which is headquartered at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, were announced earlier this summer. Allegra Roberts of Milwaukee and Wei Ho of New Berlin tied for first place. Susannah Camic of Madison was awarded third place and Dayanand Manoli of Bayside received the fourth place award.
A panel of professors at UW-Eau Claire judged the entries based on originality, significance, independence, complexity of techniques, comprehension, science potential and writing skills. Each participant received a gift certificate for Border's Books and Music and a certificate of participation.
Ms. Roberts attended Divine Savior Holy Angels High School. The title of her entry was: "Heart Attack Risk Reduction Intelligent System — HARRIS." Her project involved writing a computer program which would assess the heart attack risk factors of the person using the program. The program asks the person a series of questions regarding their health and family background. It then assesses the heart attack risk factors of the person against published medical data. The program then provides the user with an analysis of their personal risk for having a heart attack. Her mentor was her mother, Dr. Linda Roberts.
Ms. Ho attended New Berlin West High School. The title of her entry was: "Analysis of Photoionized Neutral Species from Pulsed Laser Ablation of SnO2." Her project involved studying the individual pieces of material that are blasted off of a surface due to the incidence of a high power laser. This is an important area of study, especially since laser ablation is commonly used in the production of the thin films needed in the microchip manufacturing process. Her project supervisor was Dr. Scott Reid, assistant professor at Marquette University.
Ms. Camic attended James Madison Memorial High School. The title of her entry was: "Outside-end Mutations Affect Tn 5 Transposition in vivo." Her project examined the effect of mutations in the outside end of a small, circular piece of DNA on the amount of transposition in the cell. The transposition (or movement of a piece of DNA from one site to another) was studied on 13 different mutations. Her project supervisor was Dr. William Reznikoff, professor at the UW-Madison.
Mr. Manoli attended the University School of Milwaukee. The title of his entry was: "An Electron Microscopy Study of Retroviral Surface Glycoproteins." He developed a new procedure to enhance the details of the electron micrographs of glycoproteins. He used photographic and computer enhancement to allow observations of structural details not previously demonstrated. His project supervisor was Dr. Vladimir Kushnaryov at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
The participants also competed nationally in the Intel Science Talent Search (formerly the Westinghouse Science Talent Search). Their projects were among a total of 1,470 entries that represented 184 high schools in 39 states. The Intel and Wisconsin Science Talent Searches take place each year. Intel awards $330,000 in scholarships to the top 40 finalists. The national competition is America's oldest and most highly regarded science contest for high school seniors. The application deadline for next year's Talent Search is Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1999. More information can be found on the web at or contact Dr. J. Erik Hendrickson in the UW-Eau Claire physics and astronomy department, (715) 836-5834.

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Updated: July 27, 1999