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MAILED: July 21, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Major remodeling and construction projects on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus this summer are keeping local businesses and community members busy.
Of the 12 major projects at UW-Eau Claire funded by the state's capital budget, local contractors are completing half, said Kathy Mitchell, associate vice chancellor for business and student services. The project budgets total almost $31 million.
"We're always pleased to see local contractors be the successful bidders for major projects on campus," Mitchell said. "This not only provides work for area businesses, but also for members of the community."
By hiring local contractors, the university boosts the region's economy and works with trusted businesses, said Terry Classen, director of facilities management.
"We have a good contracting market here," Classen said. "We like to work with firms that are accountable and most of our local contractors have a good reputation for being accountable."
Major projects this summer include the continuing construction of the new residence hall by Market and Johnson, the completion of the remodeling of Hibbard Hall by Badger State and Roshell, and the renovation of the Crest Wellness Center by Hel-Grohn, Badger State and Bartingale. SDS Architects and HVP Design are designing the Phillips Science Hall remodeling project.
Other projects include the replacement of the Haas Fine Arts Center chiller by Prime Mechanical, and several classroom remodeling projects for information and technology by Hel-Grohn, Hanson Electric and Hoveland. The Gantner Theatre stage lift also will be repaired but a contractor has not yet been named for that project.
The roofs of the Haas Fine Arts Center and the Nursing Building are being replaced, several residence halls are being fixed for network connections and lights are being replaced in Schofield Auditorium and Riverside Theatre in the Haas Fine Arts Center.
The major projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year, Classen said.
"It's a good sign that the state invests in UW-Eau Claire's upgrades and construction in this way," Classen said. "Each project is very important for UW-Eau Claire."

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Updated: July 21, 1999