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MAILED: July 14, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — When the fall semester arrives, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's McIntyre Library will have converted its automated library system to an online, Web-based system.
"The biggest benefit is people are going to be able to find more information in a more efficient manner," Robert Rose, director of the McIntyre Library, said, noting that all UW System libraries are switching to the new system. "The new system changes the way in which things are done but you can still do the same things."
Because the new program is Web-based, hot links will appear in the catalog.
"You can click on the subject and the program will bring you to a list of related books," Rose said. "If there is a Web site related to what you'researching, the URL will show up and if you click on it you'll be brought to the Web site.
"Another thing that comes up as a hot link is the call number. If you click on the call number you'll be brought to a list of books that would be found near each other on the shelves. You'll be able to browse the stacks from the comfort of your chair."
The new program also will be capable of more sophisticated searches.
"People will be able to search by keyword, guided keyword or command keyword, which is using 'and' and 'or' to combine words or thoughts. A relevancy search can list items according to relevancy — the program will rank what it's found in order of what it thinks is closest to what you're looking for."
The new system also will be able to search multiple UW System library catalogs at the same time.
"With the old program you could search other UW System libraries but you had to re-key every time," Rose said. "With this feature and the hot links feature, people will be saved from a lot of re-entering."
Another feature of the program is the capability of people to check their own accounts. They'll be able to see on their own what books they have checked out and any fines or fees and holds or recalls they have.
"If someone loses the slip that says when their books are due they also will be able to look that up," Rose said.
Anyone with a browser on their home computer can search the catalog, though certain features will be restricted to users with a password or a UW-Eau Claire address, he said.
The UW System and McIntyre library will fund the basic program part of the new system. The student technology fees will pay for the rest.
"Installing this program has required us to purchase higher end machines," Rose said, adding that student tech fees will pay for the public computers, not staff machines or other equipment. "We've had to replace virtually all the library faculty and staff computers and most of the public computers."
The new system will be dedicated at 10 a.m. Sept. 1 in the Reference Desk area of the McIntyre Library. All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. Brief introduction sessions to the program will take place about every half an hour on Sept. 1.
"We encourage faculty to set up special training sessions for their classes," Rose said. "The new program is easy, but it's almost deceptively easy."

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Updated: July 14, 1999