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MAILED: July 14, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Nine residence halls at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will receive upgrades to their computer systems this summer and fall.
Since May, people have been going through the process of connecting the rooms in the residence halls with fast ethernet cable. All of the residence hall computer labs have previously been wired with fast ethernet. In the past, the residence hall rooms have been connected to the university network through an emulux terminal server using existing telephone cable.
"The new system is more rapid," said Chuck Major, director of housing and residence life. "And more people can do things at the same time."
The upgrades will make the residence hall rooms' computer connections similar to the ones in the general access labs on campus, said Major, noting that the upgrade was completed in Putnam Hall last year and was well received.
To access ethernet, a computer must have an Ethernet card, interface cards, in its system. If a student has his or her own computer, they must have one that has Ethernet compatible software on the hard drive or they must buy an adapter from the place where they purchased the computer, Major said. The university will not sell the software needed to make personal computers Ethernet-compatible.
The cost of this upgrade is $1.25 million, which will be paid over 20 years from room rates of residence hall students. Major predicted that the project will be complete by the end of October.

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Updated: July 14, 1999