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MAILED: June 25, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — For the second year in a row, 99 percent of alumni responding to a Career Services' survey have indicated that they are either employed or continuing their education a year after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. "Last year the national economy exploded, consumer confidence soared and companies expanded their workforces to match the increased demand for services," said Jeanne Sinz, director of Career Services. "This sizzling economy, combined with UW-Eau Claire's outstanding reputation, means our graduates have even more options." The 1997-98 employment survey is based on a 75 percent response rate, or 1,176 responses from the 1,569 graduates. Of those responding, 99 percent of College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business graduates reported they were working or continuing their education, and 98 percent of the College of Professional Studies graduates reported they were working or continuing their education. Overall, 89 percent of those responding reported they were employed full- or part-time, 10 percent were continuing their education, and 1 percent said they were seeking employment. "High placement rates are a good indication that employers are pleased with how well prepared UW-Eau Claire graduates are for the workforce," Chancellor Donald Mash said. "In addition to outstanding classroom preparation, our students gain valuable experiences through things such as our service learning program, leadership programs and opportunities to participate in groups and organizations. "The living and learning environment here has been judged to be among the best in the Midwest. Employers recognize they are well-served by our alumni." Members of the 1997-98 graduating class are now working as biologists, graphic designers, music therapists, police officers, programmers, research chemists, Peace Corps volunteers, wildlife biologists and youth care workers. Education graduates work in more than 100 school districts and nursing graduates work in more than 50 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and schools. Graduates of that class are continuing their education at more than 40 educational institutions, including places such as Loyola University, Northwestern University, Purdue University, Texas A&M University, UW-Medical School and William Mitchell College of Law. In the College of Arts and Sciences, 286 of the 663 graduates survey respondents were employed full-time, 30 were employed part-time, 76 were continuing their education, six were seeking employment and information was not available for 265 of the graduates. In the College of Business, 351 of the 391 graduates were employed full-time, 10 were employed part-time, two were continuing their education, five were seeking employment, and no information was available for 23 of the graduates. In the School of Education, 164 of the 295 graduates were employed full-time, two were employed part-time, 17 were working as substitute teachers/aides, 16 were employed outside the field of education, 26 were continuing their education, three were seeking employment, and information was not available for 67 graduates. In the School of Human Sciences and Services, 62 of the 112 1997-98 graduates were employed full-time, five were employed part-time, eight were continuing their education, three were seeking employment and information was not available for 34 graduates. In the School of Nursing, 92 of the 108 graduates were working full-time, six were working part-time, two were continuing their education and information was not available about eight graduates. "These numbers show that UW-Eau Claire graduates are off to a good start and again demonstrate that a degree from UW-Eau Claire is extremely marketable in today's job market," Sinz said. "Our graduates — particularly those who planned early and created experiences in and out of the classroom during their years at UW-Eau Claire — have options." While the national economy is settling down after rising to dizzying heights in recent years, it's still booming in the Midwest where a majority of UW-Eau Claire alumni look for jobs, Sinz said, adding that 1998-99 UW-Eau Claire graduates also are finding attractive positions in a variety of fields. The booming economy has served as a reminder to employers that it's important to establish long-term relationships with quality institutions such as UW-Eau Claire, Sinz said. "Traditionally, employers aggressively recruit our graduates but with the national and regional economies looking so good, employers have been even more active on campus," Sinz said. "That's great news for our students — a great reputation and a booming economy." Although nationally a slowdown is predicted, the job market looks great in the Midwest, Sinz said. Regionally, 37 percent of Chippewa Valley employers expect to add employees, she said. And salaries are increasing, Sinz said, noting that last year Wisconsin experienced a 7.8 percent increase in salaries compared to a national average of 4.8 percent. "Those organizations that have an ongoing and long-term relationship with UW-Eau Claire have an image on campus," Sinz said. "Our faculty and our students know those organizations. And in today's competitive market — and it's a sellers market for employers — those long-term relationships are important if they want to recruit our students." Even more encouraging is that the competition for UW-Eau Claire graduates has prompted organizations to offer more internships, participate in more campus career information events and offer more on-campus interviews. "This is great news for future graduates as well as recent graduates," Sinz said of the current job market. "Students have a lot of opportunities to gain a breadth of experiences while at UW-Eau Claire and that gives them more options when they graduate."

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Updated: June 25, 1999