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MAILED: June 17, 1999

EAU CLAIRE — Health and beauty are the driving forces behind the major construction projects planned for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's campus this summer.
"Besides the Crest Wellness Center, there are two really big projects happening on campus this summer," said Kathy Mitchell, associate vice chancellor of business and student services. "One is the new residence hall, which won't be done until December or January. The other big one is the replacing of the whole ventilation system in the tower part of Hibbard."
Phase two of the renovation of the ventilation system in Hibbard Hall will be completed this summer. Last summer the ventilation system in the classroom portion of the building was completed.
Since the tower portion of Hibbard houses faculty offices, the building's classrooms and other rooms have been converted into temporary offices for faculty during the renovation project.
"At the very latest, the project should be done some time between Aug. 28 and Aug. 30," said Terry Classen, director of facilities planning and management. "This is a worst case scenario. Our hope is that prior to those dates, we'll be moving people in case by case."
Air is the focus of a project planned for the Haas Fine Arts Center. A new air conditioning system will be installed in the building. The air conditioning system also will service the Human Sciences and Services building.
"(The system) is being replaced because the other one was so old we just couldn't run it any more," Mitchell said.
Other campus buildings also will see improvements as seven rooms are scheduled to undergo remodeling for instructional technology purposes. Room 309 in Hibbard Hall, rooms 177 and 179 in Human Sciences and Services, rooms 217 and 312 in Schneider Hall and room 276 in Phillips Hall are slated to receive technology upgrades, such as projectors on the ceilings. The distance education room, room 1132 of the Old Library, will be enlarged to accommodate more students.
The main entrance area of Towers Hall will receive a face-lift this summer. The area will be redesigned and landscaped.
"The lawn is all chopped up by the sidewalks near the front boulevard because people walk where they want to," said Chuck Major, director of housing and residence life. "It's started to look tacky and run-down so we decided to redo the area."
Staff will put in concrete pathways where people have traditionally been walking, Major said. In addition, stone fencing, planting and a sitting area with benches will be added. The project was started in May and should be mostly completed by the end of June.
"We are hoping to have the majority of it done by the time the traffic, due to summer programs and camps, starts," Major said.
The Towers North elevators also will be replaced this summer, Major said. That means that portion of the building will not be available to house people who will come to campus for summer camps and programs. The entrance to McPhee from the parking lot also will be redesigned to make the door more handicapped accessible.

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Updated: June 17, 1999